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Posted by Splashi1 (Member # 28173) on :

Am trying t decide whether I should visit Dr.H in NY. I have spent such an incredible amount of money already, that I can't seem to see past what it would cost me and my family, as well as difficulty getting to and fro.

I would love any feedback people may have about Dr.H, such as United Healthcare reimbursing for out of network. Also, if you live out of state, how often do you go to his office?

Is his NP as good as he is said to be? And last but not least, if you have been sick for over 10 years, are you doing better under his care? Any info you could give me referring to these questions and anything you think might be pertinent, would be truly appreciated!
Thank you!!!

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Posted by faithful777 (Member # 22872) on :
Most people ask for someone to PM them about a specific doctor and their experiences.

Change the subject line on your post by clicking on the pad and pencil icon and ask for info on Dr. H.

People who have seen this LLMD will pm you with information.
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Splashi1, your mailbox is full. I have a response waiting for you.
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Sending a pm
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One of the best

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