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Posted by FOX (Member # 10294) on :
My Lyme doc, Dr. H in NY, suggested recently that I have neuro testing done. I need to have most of this paid for by my insurance, Independence Blue Cross (IBX) in Philly.

I have IBX PPO, so can go out of state. IBX has been great about paying for things, such as 3 SPECT scans at Columbia-Presbyterian in NY.

I contacted the Columbia Univ Lyme Center Second Opinion Service. They don't take insurance, and their charge is $$$.

They referred me to Dr. S, also in NY, another well known Lyme neuro tester. Unfortunately, he doesn't take insurance, either.

I had neuro testing done when this first started, 15 years ago, at a local hospital that took my IBX PPO insurance, but the results were negative, and I had trouble even getting them to send me the results. I don't think they were Lyme literate, so I don't want to go back there.

I am willing to travel up to 200 miles (one-way) from Philly. Any suggestions?


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Posted by triathlongal (Member # 31684) on :
There is a Lyme Literate Psychologist in Morris County, NJ that I have seen but not sure if she does Neuropsych.testing or not. Is Morris County too far for you?
Posted by hopingandpraying (Member # 9256) on :
I don't know of any LL Neurologists who take insurance. Most LLMDs do not accept insurance due to the politics surrounding this horrible disease.

Read poster TF's explanation, "Why Lyme Doctors Don't Take Insurance":

Check the online state Lyme groups at:

Maybe they can help.

Some more resources for you (including Support Groups info):

Call the Lyme Disease United Coalition at (800) 311-7518. They are very knowledgeable and might know of someone.
Posted by terv (Member # 29410) on :
Are you looking for someone who will essentially perform an "adult iq" test? Or other type tests related to brain function and processing?

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Posted by Samlyme (Member # 43732) on :
I just heard this guy give a talk on neurological damage caused by Lyme. He said he had an office in NY & MA.

I don't know if he takes insurance or not.

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