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Posted by marypart (Member # 27012) on :
Please, can someone send me a list of LLMD in Manhattan or nearby? I have a friend with arthritic and neuro symptoms.

Thank you.
Posted by Tincup (Member # 5829) on :
Mary part,

I am sharing below a large list of Lyme treating health care professionals names and contact info for you to consider.

Narrowing down your choices by contacting their offices and reading their websites in advance may help pick someone more in line with your friends needs.

Some take insurance and some charge MUCH less than others and it has nothing to do with their abilities.

If you go to and look at the menu to your left you will see "DOCTOR REFERRALS".

Click there to find the site with the names and contact information for health care professionals treating Lyme & TBD's in your state (or any state). You may want to review options in states near-by also.

There is also a page with support group information, one for alternative medical professionals, educational conferences across the country, labs and their contact information, one for mental health providers, MTHFR and Morgellons providers.

There is also a list of TBD with how to diagnose (testing), a list of symptoms for each disease and treatment info with links to the treatment guidelines.

Here is a "Help For You" page that hopefully you can find some cost-saving tips to help them out.

Hope that helps in your search!

Good luck!
Posted by hopingandpraying (Member # 9256) on :
PM sent with some names for CT. I don't know of any good ones in NYC.

When he/she calls for an appointment, have him/her ask if they have any cancellations or a waiting list. Patients have been able to get in sooner by doing this.

Also have him/her check the online state Lyme groups at:

Maybe they can help. They would know better about NY.

Some more resources (including Support Groups info):
Posted by TF (Member # 14183) on :
Hi, Mary. I remember you and your son's struggle with lyme.

I also don't know of any good lyme docs in NYC or nearby. So, be very careful about who you recommend to your friend.

I suggest you contact lots of lyme support groups in the area to find out who is getting people well. In general, the NYC lyme docs are VERY expensive. Don't want her to have a bad experience and spend a lot of money on it to boot.
Posted by marypart (Member # 27012) on :

I had already sent them a list sent to me for NY several years ago. I'm surprised that things have changed so much.

My son is in a complete 5 year remission and is a registered nurse working in cardiac critical care.

He's 26 now. Incredible. He was really sick as many know.

The person I am asking for will have no problems paying for expensive doctors, and having someone in Manhattan or nearby would be quite important. If someone knows anything please let me know.

What about Dr. H or Dr. R? Are they not treating Lyme anymore?
Posted by TF (Member # 14183) on :
Dr. H hasn't taken new patients in 3 years; he has a 2 year waiting list. And, he isn't in Manhattan anyway.

The news about your son is GREAT!!!! Maybe you would take the time to post it in the Success Stories thread. It would bless others to read it!

Here's the link to the thread:;f=3;t=015820;p=0
Posted by marypart (Member # 27012) on :
His story is on the third page. I wrote it 4 years ago.
Posted by lymehope (Member # 48581) on :
Your friend should NOT go to Dr. R in NYC.
He puts you on strong treatment but doesn't check your blood work during treatment. Which can be very dangerous.
They said you can communicate through emails, but it can take days if at all for him to respond. The office is also very bad.
As other members said, and from my experience there are no good doctors in NYC.

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