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Posted by paulo (Member # 8289) on :
I was treated 17 years ago for LYME, but feel like I have not recovered completely. If anyone has some ideas re LLMDs in MA, RI or CT who could retest for Lyme, please forward. Thanks so much.
Posted by TF (Member # 14183) on :
Paulo, just want you to know that since you had lyme years ago, there is no test that can tell you if you have it again. You and the doc will have to go by symptoms and a trial course of antibiotics to see how you react.

I wasted $500 on a lyme test that my lyme doctor believed could tell me if I had a new case of lyme. It said that I had lyme. The trouble was, I DIDN'T. What I had was a sinus infection and once I found a doctor who could cure it, all of my possibly lyme symptoms went away.

That was over 6 years ago and I am still fine. So, don't believe the doc if he says there is a test that distinguishes a new case of lyme from your previous case. They can't.

I still test positive on the Western Blot and I have been cured for over 12 years. I got a new bite and new case of lyme 9 years ago but only needed 30 days of treatment by my lyme doc to get rid of that.

So, if you feel like you never recovered completely, you likely did not get your immune system back to normal. A normal immune system will mop up whatever lyme is left from treatment.

AND, it will also keep you from relapsing.

So, to restore your immune system, do the exercise required by Dr. Burrascano in his Guidelines. It is one continuous hour of weightlifting every OTHER day. It must be a full body workout each time.

You must do arms, chest, back, abs, butt, and legs. You must rest after you do the one hour and rest the next day (no exercise the next day).

This special type of exercise will restore your immune system. Use light weights and many repetitions.

You may find that just by doing this exercise, your symptoms clear. But, whether they do or not, you still need to do this exercise to stop the lyme from coming back.

Make the weights light enough that you can do the full hour required.

Sorry I don't know who is good in your area. There is a great lyme doc in Connecticut, Dr. P., but he has a 1 year wait. Still, you may want to call because if he gets a cancellation you may be able to jump right in and be seen much quicker.

He is expensive, but you will get good care there.

Contact the lyme support groups near you. See "Support Groups" on the left side of the page. Ask them who is getting folks well.

The Burrascano Guidelines are here:

Lyme Disease Rehab starts on page 31. I also suggest you look at the list of supplements that is in the Guidelines and take the ones that are appropriate to your symptoms.

Welcome back to LymeNet! I expect you will do well since you got lyme once before and got rid of it then and stayed well all this time. Good for you!
Posted by Nancy2 (Member # 95) on :
PM Sent!
Posted by hopingandpraying (Member # 9256) on :
Welcome back to Lymenet! PM sent for MA & CT.

You need to be evaluated and treated by a Lyme-literate doctor (LLMD). Non LLMDs have no clue about this horrible disease or its complex treatment!

A LLMD is one who has treated Lyme disease and the co-infections which come with it for many years and has gotten patients well. A good one will follow Dr. B's Guidelines, the "gold standard" for Lyme treatment.

Here is a link for them:

Unfortunately, LLMDs are far and few between. You need to go where they are. At least half of all Lyme patients travel out-of-state for care.

Also most LLMDs do not accept insurance due to the politics surrounding this horrible disease. Read poster TF's explanation, "Why Lyme Doctors Don't Take Insurance":;f=2;t=025539;p=0

When calling for an appointment, ask if they have any cancellations or a waiting list. Patients have been able to get in sooner by doing this.

Check the online state Lyme groups at:

Maybe they can help.

Some more resources for you (including Support Groups info):

Read the books written by the top LLMD, Dr. H, titled, "Why Can't I Get Better?" and his new one, "How Can I Get Better". They are an excellent source of information.

Also read "Cure Unknown" by Pamela Weintraub. Get it at your local library or buy it used on Amazon.

View "Under Our Skin" for free on
Posted by Neko (Member # 46592) on :
Originally posted by paulo:
I was treated 17 years ago for LYME, but feel like I have not recovered completely. If anyone has some ideas re LLMDs in MA, RI or CT who could retest for Lyme, please forward. Thanks so much.

There is a nurse practitioner in Rhode Island near the MA border, PM me if interested. I know two people who have gone...though since you've already done antibiotics, you might benefit from someone who does combination therapy and also utilizes herbs and GI support.

There is a doc in CT.

There are several naturalpathic docs in MA.

A mold doctor might be helpful, and someone who has experience with the tick confections, all of which make Lyme hard to treat if not addressed first.
Posted by Tincup (Member # 5829) on :
Here you go PaulO...

If you go to and look at the menu to your left you will see "DOCTOR REFERRALS".

Click there to find the names and contact information for health care professionals in many fields who are treating Lyme & TBD's in all of the states that have them.

Here are some ways to locate alternative health care professionals too.

Good luck to you! Feel better soon!

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