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Posted by Kathryn92 (Member # 51074) on :
Seeking Lyme specialist in or near Waterbury, CT. Need a doctor who is board certified in Neurology, Infectious Disease or Rheumatology.
Posted by TF (Member # 14183) on :
Kathryn, generally a lyme specialist is not going to be a neurologist, infectious disease doctor, or a rheumatologist.

Instead, they are often internists who, for some reason, learned how to treat lyme disease. Usually, the reason is that the doctor or someone in the family got lyme disease.

An ID doctor has been miseducated by the IDSA to believe many lies about lyme disease, the biggest is that it is RARE (really rare, according to the IDSA) and EASILY treated, like with 2 weeks or 30 days of doxycycline.

Since all ID doctors follow the IDSA, it is a rare ID doctor who treats lyme. I know one in the nation, and he is not that good at treating lyme disease.

There are some rheumatologists who know how to treat lyme, but generally a rheumy does NOT treat lyme correctly. Instead, they treat it as rheumatoid arthritis, which it is NOT.

Rheumys also like to give the patient steroids, which is the worst thing a doctor can give a lyme patient. It suppresses the immune system and lets the lyme go wild in the body, often causing an incurable case of lyme disease.

I don't know why you think you need a person certified in these specialties. Instead, if you have lyme disease, you want to find a doctor who has the most expertise on lyme disease possible.

Generally, such a doctor has a practice that is 100% lyme. They will NOT have a neurology practice or a rheumatology practice.

The one excellent lyme specialist I know in Connecticut is currently not taking new patients anymore. The wait to get in with him was 1 year. So, that is likely why he just decided to stop taking anyone new.

This is what you will run into when looking for a real lyme specialist.

The #1 lyme specialist in the east hasn't taken new patients for at least 3 years and has a 2 year wait to get in, last I heard.

The doc I consider the #2 lyme doc in the east has a doctorate in Nursing Practice. So, she is a DNP. She and her 2 young daughters had lyme years ago. She now has a total lyme (and Morgellon's) practice in Washington, D.C.

True lyme specialists are few and far between. Until others come along who know more lyme specialists in your area, I suggest you contact the lyme support groups in your state and neighboring states. See Support Groups on the left side of the page.

The best lyme specialists follow the Burrascano Lyme Treatment Guidelines found here:

I suggest you read and STUDY this document to get your education on this disease which is really a number of diseases.

Burrascano was the original lyme pioneer and the #1 lyme doctor in the world until he retired. He got into figuring out how to treat this hard-to-get-rid-of disease because his area of the country was hit so hard by lyme disease.

They came from every country in the world to see him.

This document will show you what good lyme treatment looks like. It will enable you to evaluate any lyme treatment you get. This is invaluable because MANY doctors treat lyme disease, but FEW know enough to get a person well from it.

I went undiagnosed for at least 10 years. I tried a few lyme doctors but got lousy treatment. Then, I called a different lyme support group and asked for a doctor who followed Burrascano. Bingo! That is when I got well.

Then, I sent at least 5 of my friends to Burrascano type doctors and they also got well.

There are very few doctors who follow this protocol because it causes them to be persecuted by the state Medical Boards. You see, these doctors are saying that the IDSA lyme treatment guidelines are WRONG and the Infectious Diseases Society of America hates that. They persecute our lyme specialists.

This is why we don't give out lyme specialist names on the public board. Instead, we send the names to you privately.

Welcome to LymeNet! We will help you all we can.

Sorry to tell you that it is difficult to find a lyme doctor due to the medical controversy (IDSA verses our lyme specialists) that has engulfed this disease for at least 30 years.

Most doctors who treat lyme keep their heads down and hope they don't get hauled up on charges by their state medical boards. Some states have passed laws that specifically say a doctor is free to treat lyme disease in a way other than that approved by the IDSA.

Learn all you can about how a doctor treats lyme before you shell out the big bucks. Get lots on input on him.

There is a real lyme doctor learning curve that you must go through.

Let us know how we can help you further.

If you want the name of the doc in D.C., just let me know. You would be in great hands with her. And, you only have to show up in the office once every 6 months. She will do telephone appointments the other months. So, that is not much travel at all for great lyme treatment.

The wait to see her is at least 7 months. You may want to start with a lesser doctor while you wait to see her. You always have to wait to see the best lyme doctors.
Posted by Bartenderbonnie (Member # 49177) on :

I know a LLMD who is board certified in neurology and clinical neurophysiology.

She is well known and her office is in New York City.

New patients have to book appointments through her website.
I will p.m. you the info.

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