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Posted by Emtlyme (Member # 43306) on :
I have relasped very severly and may be severe neurological damage. Herd of a doctor in Ny named Dr F who is a neuro autoimmune lyme doctor.

is there any information good or bad on this doctor before wasting alot more money and travel.

Thank you
Posted by TF (Member # 14183) on :
Yes. Go to this recent thread that talks about this doc:;f=2;t=028201;p=0
Posted by Bartenderbonnie (Member # 49177) on :
Sorry to hear about your relapse Emtlyme

Dr Fis very well known and respected in the Lyme community.

Dr F is a board certified Neurologist and a clinical Neurophysiologist specializing in Tick Borne Infections and Induced Autoimmune Disorders.

She also focuses in Neurodegenerated Diseases and complex cases of Lyme disease. Plus she collaborates with other top LLMD's . She constantly updates her treatment protocols with the latest research and clinical trials that show greater improvement.

She might be a good fit for you. But only you can decide what's in your best interest.

There are really great LLMD's in New York. The problem is there aren't enough of them to handle this epidemic we find ourselves in.

Good luck to you and healing wishes sent.
Posted by Tincup (Member # 5829) on :
Dr. F is not only recommended by patients, but also by other Lyme treating doctors because very very few have the knowledge and training in this field.

If I were in your shoes I'd consider going to see her.

Hope you are feeling better soon!

[group hug]
Posted by rosiegeorge (Member # 27518) on :
I have severe case of a rare neuromuscular autoimmune disease that I believe was caused by my chronic Lyme. Can someone please send me a PM with this doctors name & contact info please. 🙏🏼🙏🏼

I'm doing so badly and responding to any of the treatments from the regular neurologist.

Thank you so much'n

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