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Posted by 5dogs7cats (Member # 46846) on :
Are there lyme literate ophthalmologists and psychiatrist/psychologists? If so, are there any near Ohio. Thank you.

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Posted by Bartenderbonnie (Member # 49177) on :
You can request LLMD's through ILADS here;

You can request a LLMD through Global Lyme Alliance here;

There is a special criteria box where you can state you are looking for a Ophthalmologists and Psychiatrist/Psychologists that are Lyme Litterate. They respond within a couple of days with the closest to your area.

I will send you a pm.
Posted by hopingandpraying (Member # 9256) on :
I don't know of any LL Ophthalmologists/Psychiatrists/Psychologists in Ohio.

PM sent for LL Ophthalmologist in MI.

Check the online state Lyme groups at:

Maybe they can help. They would know better about OH.

Some more resources for you (including Support Groups info):
Posted by Ann-Ohio (Member # 44364) on :
Sending you a private message.
Posted by t9im (Member # 25489) on :
There is one in Guilford, CT - He presented at ILAD's when it was in Washington, DC a few years ago. Dr. P and he consults with Dr. J for children. He works with LLMD's as I don't believe he treats patients for Lyme and TBD's.
Posted by TickMenace (Member # 51811) on :
I was also referred to Dr. P for an accomodative insufficiency disorder that is likely lyme related.

Tests have been done on patients in visual therapy that show > 50% of accommodation visual therapy patients tested positive for lyme.

The Occular network plugs into a lot of nerves within the body.

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