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Posted by MDgirl123 (Member # 51832) on :
Looking for LLMD referrals in Baltimore or surrounding area(s) in Maryland. Thank you! [Smile]
Posted by Bartenderbonnie (Member # 49177) on :
Welcome to Lymenet MDgirl123

You must be your own health care advocate. Start by researching all you can about Tick Borne Infections. Lyme disease is never just Lyme, co-infections are the norm. An experienced LLMD will be able to diagnosis and treat you.

Most LLMD'S don't participate with insurances. Find out why here;

Please read "The Lyme Diagnostic Guide", written by a world renowned LLMD, who himself had Lyme and is healthy. Most LLMD'S follow his protocol;

You can request a LLMD through Global Alliance here;

You can request a LLMD through ILADS here;

Feel free to post any questions you may have in open forum and one of the many dedicated Lyme warriors will respond. Also utilize the 'search' engine feature for first-hand experiences from LYMENET members. And remember that we are always here for support, we never close.

I will send you a private message.
To obtain your p.m., go to 'my profile' located in the middle of top page. Healing wishes.

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