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Posted by Barrie (Member # 1796) on :
My sister, who's 27, has Lyme and is in need of a LLMD. She's in Lancaster, PA. Her co-worker noticed two bull's eye rashes on the back of my sister's neck. Her family doctor put her on three weeks of doxycycline. She took her course of antibiotics but is still having sore throats, headaches, jaw pain, hip pain, and, now, severe knee pain. Family doctor won't give her more antibiotics; said he's never seen anyone with Lyme who hasn't gotten better after three weeks of antibiotics. Is testing her for lupus. If she's not better by Memorial Day, he wants to send her to an infectious disease doc. Sound familiar to anyone? Sure does to us. Our daughter sees Dr. J. in CT and is finally getting better after two years. My sister needs an LLMD ASAP! Can anyone help with an LLMD in the Lancaster, PA region? Thanks for any help.
Posted by livinlyme (Member # 3773) on :
I know of one on the ohio border or the philly region you pick.. other than that I can't say much more.. I know that I have a list when i get out of here I will send you my list beware since I was refered to one in NJ I would not consider an LLMD..
I know that the ones I have seen will recognize LD as: you can't be a little pregnant which means if the bands show up and you have the symptoms you are a Lymie! I never knew anyone to ever be just a little pregnant either you are or your not... right!

Can't do better, unless you know better!

Posted by bg2711 (Member # 1865) on :
Hi Barrie,

There are 2 doctors that are Lyme literate in Hermitage PA. If you need names etc, please feel free to e-mail me and I will send the info to you. Make sure you put in the subject header that you are from Lymenet. Good luck, wishing your sister a speedy recovery. Barb


Posted by mlkeen (Member # 1260) on :
Hi Barrie-

There are several doctors in Chester county that treat Lyme. You can e-mail me if you still need them. I couldn't find anyone good in Lancaster, but that was several years ago.


Posted by ArtnSoul (Member # 4561) on :
I live in Lancaster Co. and I don't know of any LLMD's in this area. I go to a Dr. in Chester Co. I do however, know of a Dr. in New Holland, who seems pretty lyme literate.

You might want to go to the "seeking a doctor" page to post about needing an LLMD. This is where I found the LLMD that I see.

If you need more help finding an LLMD email me.

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