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Posted by lookin4answers (Member # 4974) on :
Just wanted you all to know of the miracle that happened! I thank God for that and for all the many prayers and good thoughts that were and are being said.

Here is a link to the acutal story of the event that took place:

Just so you know, the first report we got was kidneys failing, no brain response with brain swelling, and pumping mud from lungs and stomach.

Also a friend of my husbands whom he has not met in person, but knows from his bike site he post on, visited these men. This man lives one mile from Walter Reed. He reported to us four times in one week. That is awesome.

Now he is in his own room and doing great!! Should be moving him to Ft. Hood soon, which is a lot closer to home!

So far a very happy ending to a tragic accident.


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Posted by cbb (Member # 788) on :
So glad you gave us an update!!

Yes, miracles do happen!!
...and prayers are answered!!

Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Wow! That's so amazing! yes, prayers work!



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