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Posted by MaFunk (Member # 8019) on :
In the letter, it said the doctors said I had been treated, and my condition has stabalized. Ummmm... exactly when was I treated?! I'm stabalized?! They never told me this! Were the doctors sneaking into my house and giving me treatments while I was asleep, because last I knew these doctors refused to even treat me!!!
Posted by Ann-OH (Member # 2020) on :
Time to lawyer up, if you haven't already.
So sorry you had to go through all this. Hope you have some help and go right back at them.
Ann - OH
Posted by AlisonP (Member # 7771) on : you aren't familiar then with the "Late Night-Sneaking-Doctors-Lyme-Treatments-While You're-Sleeping Protocol"?

And that even though you are in total pain and can't work . . . that must be what they call "stabilized".


Man, what a bummer - you have my total sympathies. I agree, a lawyer sounds like a great idea and good luck!

Posted by lou (Member # 81) on :
Lying evidently doesn't count as doing harm, per the hypocrite oath.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Originally posted by MaFunk:
In the letter, it said the doctors said I had been treated, and my condition has stabalized.

Did they mention names?? I would think they'd need proof that you had been treated.

Scoundrels. [Mad]
Posted by ConnieMc (Member # 191) on :
Those letters they send with news of a denial or approval are all form letters. They can select from several basic form letters and can edit here and there if they want.

I would bet that the MD who reviewed the file has the typical mentality that 4 weeks treatment = Lyme is cured and/or Lyme doesn't exist anywhere except the NE US. So if your doctors didn't treat you for one of these 2 reasons it probably means that your medical records say you were cured or stabilized.

To qualify for SS, you have to have a "medically determinable impairment" expected to last more than 12 months. Lyme is not a "listed" impairment, and you need to find evidence in your medical records that you have an impairment that equals a listed impairment or are disabled under "residual functional capacity" rules. Make sure you focus on your functional impairments when providing evidence of impairment.
Posted by livinlyme (Member # 3773) on :
Hey Ma,,

I lawyered up for SSA and I haven't won yet.... doubt I will before I will end up on the streets.. I have been treated and I am not better.. I don't have any doctor here that will take care of me and hte ones they provide will only make me worse since they do not believe that Lyme is chronic long term illness..

I managed to get my ASsoc.. in paralegal studies adn I finally have an interview regardless of how sick I am or what pills I might be on (codiene being one of them) I have to land this job or the local, state and governemnt agencies will see to it that I end up in my grave before I reach retirement age..

I am going to go around the agencies that want me dead and find a job so that I can beat this illness.. I am sick and in pain but I knwo the way I am heading my whole family will be homeless if left in the care of the agencies that are supposed to help...

they are using population control methods to remove thier guilt .. BUT THYE WILL NOT REMOVE ME

so long as i have life; I will fight to keep it!
I wish you luck and the best in your struggles..
I have learned after many years that they will not be the ones to help.. I have to help us..
Posted by cgooge (Member # 7922) on :
My wife has been battling SSI for over a year now. We have been denied 3 times and are getting ready to go before the review judge.

I know people do abuse the just makes it harder for those who truely need it to get it.
Posted by chroniccosmic (Member # 7789) on :
I had a great lawyer and got turned down 3 times but got it on the fourth. Keep at it and get an attorney who will take your case and get paid only if they win. Mine said he had a 97% success rate of cases he took. Best of luck.
Posted by MaFunk (Member # 8019) on :
I made sure to have a lawyer when I first got into this. I'm going to call her on Monday, and keep trying.
Posted by bryteeyez808080 (Member # 7923) on :
My husband just won his hearing after 2 years.. We got a lawyer and noticed he pointed out my husbands symptoms and imparements... There is a section in the disability guidelines book that the ALJ goes by to determine eligability and would you believe there is a section about the imparements of lyme and how they affect your ability to work. The hard part is proving you have these imparements! You need to make sure your lawyer gets you complete medical record and a record of every med you have used and are using!!

Hope this helps...

Posted by rosesisland2000 (Member # 2001) on :
I got mine after almost 4 years trying, so don't give lawyer up. I agree with that advice.

They'll drag it out as long as they can hopping that you'll stop the fight and go back to work thus making getting SSD moot.

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