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Posted by char (Member # 8315) on :

School is sending a school nurse and social worker to visit the house tomorrow.

Any suggestions to prepare? They told my husband that they would like to see some of their completed schoolwork, which is fishy to me as we are in groove of handing in through tutor.

I am considering telling them work is going thru him and not showing them what we have here. We saved today's wk to show them, but should we?

Not sure what questions they will ask and how
much to divulge as school is not happy to be providing homebound tutoring.

Head of EC was nice when we set up our 9wk follow up mtg. However, mentioned that they are hopeful for the kids to return for 4th quarter.

I don't forsee them being ready and who needs stress of going back at end. We have done that before and it wasn't encouraging.

Really concerns me that she brought this up before mtg.

Should I coach kids what to say?

I am planning on requesting IEPs for my 9th and 7th grader to try to get school invested and accountable for appropriate support in the kids passing their courses as they are only giving 3hrs each wkly which is putting incredible burden on me.

Sorry so long,

Posted by mlkeen (Member # 1260) on :
I would have all kinds of alarm bells ringing if the school nurse and social wroker wanted to visit. They might have a motive that may not be in your best interest. Maybe you can chat them up before hand to find out why they are really coming.

That said, should you decide to let them come, try to have the house as calm and neat as possible. You want to project organization and an atmosphere that is conducive to school work. No TV on. Show them only the living areas, like kitchen and playroom or study area. Make sure you are in control of the visit.

Posted by char (Member # 8315) on :
Hey Mel,

Well, they have come and gone. It went OK.
They sent the school district head nurse and high school social wker.

We spent a long time explaining daughter's symptoms and situation. Irritating to go over this again. Wish the social wker was more invested
as she has been "involved" from the beginning.

Nurse definitely here to check things out.

They discussed lots of accomadations to help get the kids back for part of day. Offering more choices than they did this fall.

They want to come back every 3wks! I only wish we would be better in 3wks! Kids on couch while they were here looking quite ill. No murphy's law getting an energy burst. Smile. I will have to decide if I will allow visits that often. I think they will eventually get worn out with it.

My husband feels I am a bit paranoid with school.
Fortunately he was here which helped me be patient and let the remarks that are probably born of ignorance go to focus on big picture.

My daughter got an A in English for 1st quarter!
We cherish the good news.
Thanks Mel,

Posted by lymemomtooo (Member # 5396) on :
I am so sorry that you are having to go thru this..But the mom is guilty of M by Proxy always..It is insane..

I do not think it is the school's business to be sending nurses and social workers to the home unless neglect is suspected. This is costing the school money so they must be fishing..Only in a dream world would the school be legitimately providing such home services..

Wouldn't it be nice to have them provide a free home health nurse to help with meds, nutrition, etc..But do not hold your breath..

I agree that they will eventually get tired of doing this every 3 weeks..

Just do your best to remain calm and let them realize that you are the one in charge and with the knowledge of what is best for your children.. They are probably very paranoid of setting some precedents for home bound if you are in a lyme epidemic area.

Hang in there..lymemomtooo
Posted by Barrie (Member # 1796) on :
I know so many of you have had very bad experiences with your schools. But, not everything is done with bad intentions. I am a school nurse and we need documentation. We can't just take a parent's word for what is going on at home. Especially when the school is paying for the teaching at home. I don't know if there is another reason the nurse and social worker are coming to your home but, it may be simple documentation that needs to be provided to continue with the home schooling. It really may be as simple as that. They may need some type of home visit documented every so often to continue with the home tutor. We have to document,document,document. It doesn't mean they are looking for a reason to stop anything or that they don't believe you. Can you just ask them why they need to come every three weeks? I am hopeful that most schools are doing what is in the best interest of the student. Ask questions. If you don't understand why they are doing something,just ask. It is a great opportunity to educate about Lyme disease. That is how I looked at all the times I had to repeat myself in meetings. I was hopeful,we were making it easier for the next child who has Lyme Disease. Also, some schools are set up that there is one nurse who is over many schools and there may actually be techs in the schools. The RN is the one who may make home visits. That does happen,it just all depends how your school district is set up. I am sorry so many have had such bad experiences but, there really are people out there who are trying to help. Good Luck.

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