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Posted by lpkayak (Member # 5230) on :
any tricks on getting kids and hubbys to eat what they should and not what they shouldn't? thanks.
Posted by char (Member # 8315) on :
Our LLMD told my son that if he wasn't convince that he needed to avoid wheat entirely, she could send him for a colonoscopy for celiac testing.

This was quite effective.
Posted by lpkayak (Member # 5230) on :
thanks...but i think the doc lied. mine told me celiac testing was done with ans endoscopy.

anyone else with recipes???
Posted by troutscout (Member # 3121) on :
I don't mean to be picky here...but since is that only women know how to follow the candida diet?

I'm the enforcer in this household...and I was a stay at home Dad for 2 1/2years stop being so darn sexist...and ask BOTH sexes what they think. [Wink] lol

Trout [Wink]
Posted by wenan (Member # 10993) on :
I have had great success with using things like almond flour and recipes from the SCD cookbook. They do use honey at times so it depends on how strict you are.

My son, who is 18 and NOT on the candida diet, now prefers some of the foods I make for it. Hopefully down the road he will choose to do it. I find that as long as I keep things out of the house and control what I can, that works best.

It also helps when they begin to notice how much better they feel. After coming back from sleeping over at a friend's house my son now realizes that his stomach pains, acne, and stuffy head is because of the food he consumed, so he is working on accepting it. Bit by bit. Good luck.

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