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Posted by hangontilldone (Member # 1893) on :
I have a question....I have had Lyme now for 15 years....been treated now for the past daughter has gotten Mono...I had it when I was in the 7th grade....but I'm having the same symptoms she is having....tired..(of course that could be lyme)...but I've had a fever now for 10 days....she's had one for 18 days....sore throat...that kind of it possble to get Mono again..or could this just be a Lyme thing? Has anyone ever experienced this?
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
my NON-MEDICAL opinion is YES! mono is contagious.

it was mono 37 yrs. ago that began my chronic lyme. [Frown] [cussing]
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
They used to say you could only get it once, but my mother got it several times. We didn't know it was really Lyme back then.

I would highly suspect LYME in your daughter. If it is truly mono, then it could have triggered your lyme to become active again.

hope you both feel better soon!

you may want to post this in Medical
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Originally posted by bettyg:

it was mono 37 yrs. ago that began my chronic lyme.

I believe the same for myself....except it was 39 yrs ago. [a RE-triggering of the lyme]

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