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Posted by Silverwolf (Member # 9196) on :
[rant] [cussing] I hate Medical bills,and I hate losing our Home,but that is what is happening.

We got Snookered/Hoodwinked,and its been a mess since July of '03. I hate it when groups like Mortage "Oc'RipOff" are allowed to theive money from folks [what they do is simular to a 'bate and switch' type tactic,long story [Frown] ].

We've been told that this group,and proabaly their subsidiary/cohorts in crime are under investigation. Sadly the investigation culmination won't be soon enough to stop the loss of our home.

We are retaining a lawyer,and will try to sell the house. Perhaps we can make enough to pay some family members who've helped us with payments a few times.

I know we are not the only once to lose our home. ANd at least as long as our Church Folk are willing to keep us on as Pastoral Couple we have a roof over our heads.

We have had a young fella staying at our home,house and critter sitting,essentially. He's had some medical issues too,now we have to have him find a place to move to... [Frown] .And we must find somewhere for our Two Kitty cats to go...sigh.

Sorry, I am not a Happy Camper, I will be relieved if/when we can stop the mess and the stress from this.We refuse to pay $929 a month for a $55,000 dollar home w/ fixer-upper issues, When the initial payments were to be $425...long long story.

Basically broken down... we've had a fight w/ the Mortgage Companies since they/not we, switched us from one co.[a subsidiary of the Thieving RipOffs we later found out]to their Bigger Thieving company[issues started in July'03].They calimed we'd missed a payment and were behind several,we weren't at the time.

It is a tangled mess, we've since talked to several folk in the business,who say the 'bate and switch bit'as I call it is par for the course for the company causing us issues.

Including our RealEstate friend,who I just found out is going to help us [He's had exposure to "Oc'RipOff" Mortgage and Bankthievers too,they attempted to rip him off as well].

Excuse the venting and 'teeth grinding',I've found it better to get it out,than let it affect my well being. I am just so bumbed out,as we had hopes of keeping our home toward retirement.

We need to get enough momies out of the house sale to pay: the previous owners[smaller owner carried contract],Family members[small loan],and get out from under the "Oc' RipOff" and their 'Cohorts in Crime' who were supposedly going to help us 'Get a head'.

[I think the Lawyer can prolly help stop the 'Get-a-head,but-actually-put-ya-further-behind' con artist crew].

Okeydokey,I'm done venting and whining and gritting my Wolfish fangs...but I needed to get this out. I know that far to many of y'all have gone thru simulsr things.

Love from Silverwolf..sorta bumbed in my Boots right now,but we'll survive.
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
so sorry silverwolf to read about all the backstabbing issues of losing your home and the rotten way they did it on you/other lymies.

have you contacted your STATE and FEDERAL SENATORS/HOUSE OF REPS .... BOTH DEMOCRATES & REPUBLICANS! get them involved in helping you!

contact their closest offices near you; they work 1 on 1 with many folks.

how about contacting your state's ATTORNEY GENERAL making them aware of what's going on as well.

that's my best advie to you SW; hope it MAY help you some. come and rant anytime you need to.

hope others join in who ARE/HAVE walked in your shoes of LOSING THEIR HOMES/BANKRUPTCY, etc.

thoughts and prayers headed your way... [group hug] [kiss] [group hug]
Posted by MagicAcorn (Member # 8786) on :

I am extremely sorry you are going through this mess. If you haven't notified the FBI you should, and I've included a contact for you at the bottom.

The FBI also has a mortgage restitution department and might be able to help you in ways you didn't realize.

FBI Field Office, Mortgage Fraud
Salt Lake City
White Collar Crime Supervisor
257 East 200 South, Suite 1200
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
801-579-1400 Phone

National FBI Financial Institution Fraud Unit

HUD Field Office
Boise Field Office
Plaza IV, Suite 220
800 Park Boulevard
Boise, Idaho 83712-7743
208-334-1990 Phone
208-334-9648 Fax

Posted by CaliforniaLyme (Member # 7136) on :
OUCH!!! Sounds really scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Houses can be so much more than buildings- they are harder to lose than people who have not lost them (or been lucky enough to have them) would think!!!!!! My house is like my nest, seems like part of me. It would be SO SO hard to lose. I have not lost a house but someone close to me did and it was like him losing so much more!!!!!!

I hope things get better and stay better-
Posted by kelmo (Member # 8797) on :
That has been an epidemic con lately. They are aware of it. Contact your Attorney General, as well. There has to be a way you don't have to lose your home due to fraud.

Posted by Cobweb (Member # 10053) on :
We didn't lose our home to crooks, well , sort of, we lost our home due to the authors of the IDSA guidelines.

I didn't have to get so sick I had to give up my job. I didn't have to get so sick the upkeep was too much. I didn't have to get so sick we were swamped with medical bills. I didn't have to get so sick...but I did because my PCP referred to the IDSA guidelines to treat my lyme.

When the nightmare first began I told the girls-don't worry , we won't lose our home...but we did.

And it was excruciating.
My heart goes out to you.
Posted by Tincup (Member # 5829) on :
So sorry SW.. it breaks my heart to hear of another family torn up due to this mess.

The others gave you some great advise. Please take a breath and once calmed down a bit.. try to follow through.

In the meantime.. kick and scream. You deserve it!

Posted by heiwalove (Member # 6467) on :
i'm so so sorry to everyone who has lost their home because of this illness or anything else. TC is right, kick and scream as much as you need to, you deserve it!!

my heart and thoughts go out to you.

lots of love,
Posted by Cathy DeVoe (Member # 11271) on :
Wow! This is really heavy.

I just heard a story on NPR 2-3 days ago about this very thing.

It talked about how much this is happening and you need to retain a real estate lawyer.

It was very grim and disheartening to hear how these brokerage firms are making money off of people's ignorance of the laws.

And that these aren't banks that are doing this.

God Bless and many prayers to you and your family and friend. He will take care of you if you only ask.

Troubled thoughts,
Posted by Geneal (Member # 10375) on :
I lost my house to weather related incident (Katrina).

It was difficult to assimilate for a long time.

No one company or person took it away from me.

I am sure random acts of weather are easier to accept that having to lose your home due to health related or other circumstances.

I would be devestated to think my illness had contributed to such a monumental change in life for my children.

My prayers and heart go out to each of you who have been through this.

God has never left me without a roof over my head (it was a garage roof for a while) or food on the table to feed my children.

My Mom sent me an e-mail on Monday that I would like to share with you.

The will of God will never take you

Where the Grace of God will not protect you.

Hang in there.


Posted by Silverwolf (Member # 9196) on :
Thanks so very much,from our hearts,for the info'. It gives us hope,of something we can do,if we have to lose our home,maybe we can stop it from happening to others.

We'll be talking to our Realtor,and Lawyer,early part of the week. And seeing waht all we can do about this. I like the tho't of contacting the FBI,Att'y General and so on.

This whole fight started four months after we bought our home in '03[well us,the bank and the mortgage crooks],and has just been an uphill battle all the way.

Of course for many years we've been battling health issues,and only found out about the LD issues summer '06.But it all has realy ruined our credit.

Early fall TxCoord[my hubby] got West Nile Virus [and we suspect that he has LD as well]he is still very weary and has worsening Arthritis. I hate seeing him feel so ill, and working two and three jobs.But we are doing what we can.

I cannot work,and am not even really good at being apart of a 'Ministery couple'. Tho' our folk here seem to be very caring. And hopefully soon,thanks to info' gathered here,we'l be able to educate them a bit more about LD and Chronic physical issues [evidently chronic is now spelled Chroinc,yes folks I'm that like Krank...auf deutsch? [bonk] ].

Gotta wander as I'm trying to do some clothes, and get some stuff ready to pack for an up coming break[wont be for a couple weeks tho']

Love from Silverwolf in My Slippers today...[my footies seem to be herxing].
Posted by hopeful123 (Member # 3244) on :
i hear ya, silverwolf!

while i didn't loose my home(co-op), i had some similar issues. i bought my co-op for 133,ooo in 87 and when i tried to sell in 94-95, i ended up taking 40,000 dollars because the market was so deflated at that time. i made some kind of legal deal with my mortgage bank, but they were not happy until they squeezed out every cent they could from me on 100,000 mortgage.

health issues were prominantly involved in my financial mess, just not lyme! i know it really sucks, but you will get through it and it will be behind you one day. there will be peace of mind again, or something approaching peace of mind.

you'll been in my prayers. you are not alone!!


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