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Posted by Monica (Member # 224) on :
The power chair I have is just too unreliable. Tried the new battery charger and it didn't work. So I bought a "Z Chair."

The salesman brought it this morning. I haven't sat in it yet, but that's because I fell the other night and hurt my arthritic knee and cracked a rib so movement is painful.

The new chair's name is Buttercup, because when I was little I thought I was Dale Evans and her horse was Buttercup.

[Roll Eyes]
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
welcome buttercup; i love roy rogers and dale evans too! good choice for a name!! best wishes! [group hug] [kiss]
Posted by Geneal (Member # 10375) on :
Congratulations on Buttercup.

I am sure this is a welcomed addition to your family.

Hope you feel well enough to go riding soon.


Posted by Monica (Member # 224) on :
Thanks for the good wishes! We removed Buttercup's foot rest because it kept getting in the way of the walker when I was "mounting."

So far so good ...

Happy trails ...
Posted by kelmo (Member # 8797) on :
We have a dog named Trigger!
Posted by CaliforniaLyme (Member # 7136) on :
You GO Girl*)!!!!!!
Posted by kam (Member # 3410) on :

I am in the process of breaking in a new mount myself.

Having trouble with it holding a charge right now.

Also has leg lifts that are great if I am outdoors.

But, if i need to go indoors it is not working.

I will be looking at another chair the 3rd week of this month.

Hopefully, we will get our rides broken in soon and it will be happy trails from here on out.
Posted by Monica (Member # 224) on :
Thank you for welcoming Buttercup into the fold. We are bonding nicely.

kam, good luck with the new steed.
Posted by iceskater (Member # 8655) on :
Hi friend: Good to hear that the bonding experience is going well now. Happy trails to you!!

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