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Posted by pepper8 (Member # 13660) on :
Okay so I just recently watched Michael Moore's documentary on US healthcare and I know that many people dislike him, but he brought up important questions. I am 19 and was diagnosed with Lyme in August. Until I graduate college I am insured under my dad, but once I graduate I'm off his insurance. Now I know that when applying for insurance, they look for pre-existing conditions. Has anyone here had problems with getting insurance because of their Lyme diagnosis?
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
That COULD be a problem. Maybe you could treat yourself by getting abx another way??

Do you have acne?? You could go to a dermatologist and get abx for acne. They hand it out like candy!

I didn't have trouble because I was in a group plan WAY before I found out I had Lyme.
Posted by Ellie K (Member # 12056) on :
Yes, I've had problems w/ getting covered since graduating from law school. However, I was able to get my PPO group plan that I had with the university converted to an individual plan, by invoking one of the state HIPPA (HIPAA?) laws in CA. The premiums and deductibles are super high but at least it's coverage. I'm sure there are similar "conversion" statutes in CT.

Also, perhaps there is a way to deem you a
"dependent" for insurance purposes, even after you graduate and are technically no longer part of your parent's household, so you can still stay on your parents plan. I know I've heard of people doing this when they reach the age of majority but cannot work due to disability or illness.

And worst case scenario, you could resort to various federal disability and need-based programs...

And hopefully, by the time you'll actually have to worry about this we'll have a new Prez with a new policy for covering the uninsured, one that actually works.
Posted by lymednva (Member # 9098) on :
First, it's expensive, but you will be covered by COBRA on your parents' policy for three years after you graduate.

Then you can convert to an employee plan, assuming you are able to work then, which you should be able to do if you are attending school now.

You don't have to wait three years to be covered by an employee plan, but you have that long before you have to be worried.

I've been there with one of my sons who is now uninsured.
Posted by pepper8 (Member # 13660) on :
Thanks for all the info!

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