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Posted by Draba (Member # 14589) on :
Hullo!!! How was your day? Mine hasn't been too great. I recently ran out of Cipro, and got my traditional flare of my symptoms. Now, I've just re-started my Cipro again,and feel AWFUL. I've been having panic attacks (any tips on how to deal with those?), memory issues (ha ha. In class, my poor friend had to repeat the answer 3 times before I could finally get it ), wrist problems, dizziness .... lol.

Sorry, there is really no point of this post, but to say Hi. I guess. Hi!!!!

Draba [dizzy] [shake] [bonk]
Posted by Geneal (Member # 10375) on :
I don't like xanax or paxil for anxiety.

I have to be able to at least function as I have 2 small children.

Benadryl elixer actually helped with my anxiety.

Hang in there.

Better days are coming.


Posted by BugBarb (Member # 210) on :
funny, but on 2/14, a thursday was when a coworker did sort of an intervention on me. He asked if i was going to be ok today. I told him I wanted to be, but no I wasn't. One thing led to another and my three coworkers essentially told me to call the boss, tell her I was going out sick for a couple of days and GO HOME!
Really weird day.
They didn't know I'd be out for at least 6 weeks.
I have had anxiety attacke and learned to talk my way through them, as long as I identified them before they turned into a monster.
Posted by Tracy9 (Member # 7521) on :
Try Rescue Remedy, it is a homeopathic spray or drops you can buy online or in a healthfood store. It can really help with anxiety and panic.

Also relaxation cds, guided imagery,etc.

The book by Bourne, Natural Remedies for Anxiety, that may not be the exact title, BEST BOOK ever written on anxiety; has all kinds of helpful hints and ideas.

Let it wash over you like a wave. Don't try to fight it, just notice it and watch it, and let it go on by.

Keep coming to chat, keeps your mind off of it!!!

Hang in there, kiddo!
Posted by dharmabum74 (Member # 14892) on :
Hi there - I was just diagnosed with neurological Lyme on Jan 3rd and before that I was experiencing panic attacks on a nearly daily basis for 3 months. While I still have other Lyme symptoms while I take my Doxy, the panic attacks stopped almost immediately after my naturopathic doctor gave me "NeuroReplete"... You apparently cannot order it direct, your Dr. would need to order it for you, but it has given me mind mind back, if not the rest of my body. I can't recommend it enough -

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