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Posted by JillF (Member # 5553) on :
Andy Abrahams Wilson is being interviewed on Mike O'Meara's nationally syndicated radio talk show (previously known as the don and mike show) right now on their flagship station WJFK 106.7 Wash DC.

Apparently Mike saw the trailer and became very interested and went to see the documentary and was moved enough to bring this on his talk show

So far it's really good

They're gonna have ppl calling in soon that had/have (or relatives) lyme

Wow - talk about getting it out there. This is a very, very popular talk show for the 20-35 yr old crowd

in 2007 the show ranked #66 in the talkers magazine heavy 100 (don and mike show) and best afternoon drive radio show in 2008

I assume they'll have the podcast up later for this:

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Posted by tdtid (Member # 10276) on :
Do you know if the broadcast will be online or anything later?

Posted by JillF (Member # 5553) on :
I assume they'll have the podcast up later for this:
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
YEA!!! Keep us posted!!
Posted by JillF (Member # 5553) on :
guess Mike saw the film last night

go to the website i posted already twice
go to the mike o'meara show podcasts
click on more
6 down, called 'I'm Itching' is the 30 min interview podcast
click on the arrow and it will start playing

it's very, very good, about 30 minutes

i'm surprised he took such a length of time over this on his radio show
Posted by JillF (Member # 5553) on :
oh and i did not know that this guys' sister was misdiagnosed with als and is now being treated for lyme

she is the reason he decided to do this documentary
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
someone sent me this; think it may be SAME THING; not sure; haven't listened since it's night time and hubby is sleeping next to pc!!

If you'd like to add this to the DC link, it was a radio show and they discussed Under our Skin.

Click on 6-18-08 Seg 3 I'm Itching

would someone complete the link, name, LENGTH OF TIME, and a brief SUMMARY what this is about and copy and PASTE TO MY .... LYME VIDEOS COMPILED HERE; add yours in "SUPPORT" please!!!!

big thanks! looking forward to hearing this!!!
Posted by Doomer (Member # 11013) on :
here is the direct link to the podcast

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