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Posted by ellenluba (Member # 1707) on :

Hi folks,
To listen to the entire show that Dr. Oz did on Lyme disease and Under Our Skin, click on

At the end he asks for letters from us telling him if we had long term antibiotic treatment and were cured by it.

Well, he's still learning, so we need to educate him that even those of us who were not cured were helped by long term antibiotics. We need more research so we can have a cure.

This is a huge opportunity for us. With Dr. Oz's popularity, winning him over could be the tipping point for us. Please, please write to him so he gets an idea of how many chronic Lyme patients there are.

Posted by ellenluba (Member # 1707) on :
To me the first rule of Lyme activism has always been, "when you're drowning and God sends you a rowboat GET INTO IT."

The trick is to recognize the rowboats..

Dr. Oz's interest in us is a whole ocean liner.

Please write.
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
once my pc is back up working, i look forward to hearing the 1 hr. dr. oz program vs. 9.5 minutes i did.

i did send my same letter to BOTH addresses folks have listeed. [Smile]
Posted by mtree (Member # 14305) on :
Hi fellow LymeNetter's...

Just wanted to say that this radio interview is well worth listening to....

and if you have seen the film...or even if you haven't seen the film.....
write Dr. Oz..... [Big Grin] ....

he wants to hear from us!!!...

[group hug] mtree
Posted by minoucat (Member # 5175) on :
Sent my note. Hope it helps.
Posted by SuZ-Q (Member # 5903) on :
I think mine went through, but I had so much trouble with the website it is hard to tell.

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