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Posted by BJK (Member # 13251) on :
Hey all,

I've progressed really well since put on high dose amoxicillin this summer,

my cognitive skills are almost back to normal...almost

my remaining physical issues are mainly due to the extended period of inactivity and muscle issues as a result (getting into physical therapy very a heated pool)

a few neuro issues remain but are largely manageable and tolerable though meds and still improving

I've been approved ( after 3 years) for SSDI, and they offer training if you cant do your former work...which due to the stress factor I'm told I cannot (sucks I had a good paying an advancing career that I liked, quality management for Newbalance shoe)

I have a huge pile of insurance, SSDI, Mainecare and insurance paperwork piled on my desk and i just freeze up every time I look at it.

Going to school scares me and work even more, Im mainly afraid of a relapse like I had summer o7 when trying to work again

my LLMD and Lyme specialist Dr L in NY, have both given their ok on a pace I can handle.

I guess I'm just scared and overwhelmed at the possibility of re-entering the 'real' world, and worried I'll fail or relapse

I think I'm just venting here but your feedback is really appreciated..


Posted by sutherngrl (Member # 16270) on :
I feel the same way. I think I am afraid I will go back to my old life, just to have it snatched away again; but we can't allow this thing to take us down. We must do what we can do and push forward. We will eventually live a "normal" life again.
Posted by BJK (Member # 13251) on :
Thanks for the encouragement Sutherngrl!!



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