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The new issue of the Public Health Alert is online at :

This issue is going fast so check availability before ordering bulk boxes!

You can read the paper online for free or order hard copies for the cost of S&H only.


Ginsu Knives & Psychiatric Lyme Disease: Cutting Through the Misinformation by PJ Langhoff

Strength in Weakness by Linette R. Mullin

IDSA at the Helm: Crimes Against Humanity by Dawn Irons

New Treatment Provides Dramatic Results by Tina Garcia

Evidence for Lyme Rage by Kris Newby

What Psychiatrists Should Know About Lyme Disease by ILADS
Lyme is a Brain Disease by Dr. Virginia Sherr, MD

Letter to the Editor
Lyme & Mental Illness: A Mother's Personal Story
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :

thanks so much for posting this! this is my reminder to go to your site and read the great, outstanding articles from all!!

do you have any idea when the last time you posted here? need to know how many BACK ISSUES I NEED TO READ BACK TO ....uffda [Smile]

to all newbies, READ THESE MONTHLY; you will learn alot and they have drs. posting even!!
Posted by jazzygal (Member # 9145) on :
Thanks Betty!

I dont recall the last time I posted an update... I have been off the boards a while dealing with Life! LOL!

Maybe 2 or 3 months?

We are now up to 89,000+ online readers per month!
We've had several more docs join our ranks but now we are running out of space to publish everyone each month! I guess that is a good problem!

So the docs will be rotated in. We have regulars like Drs Virginia Sherr, Robert Rransfield, and now we are going to be including the writings of docs like Titelbaum and a few more!

Exciting stuff coming down the pike!

Thanks for your support and encouragement all these years!


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