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Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
i'm burnt out; need time to MYSELF.

so i have DISABLED PMs too; the amount of folks needing llmds is beyond belief and that's all i've gotten done lately and the various harsh comments of some on the suicide phone no., etc., and it's getting so stressful on here again.

sorry, folks; it just is NOT worth it too me. i have tried to help all who come here in my own way.

i need time JUST FOR ME and my precious husband who i see going down more each day with his advanced parkinsons.

i don't know when i'll be back for now...

HAPPY EASTER everyone remembering the true reason we are celebrating it.

also, having eye problems; ordered new computer lenses and won't be in for ONE WEEK or longer! waited 3 weeks once due thickness of my lenses!!

getting headaches galore from 2 different pairs i'm wearing. bettyg [sleepy] signing off...

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Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :


when you return, I hope you will feel refreshed. There are a lot more urgent requests lately and that is very overwhelming.

You are a fantastic help, so relax, now. Do take some time for yourself - as much as you need. I'm sorry your husband condition is a struggle. I hope that you will both enjoy some good times and the freshness of spring.


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Posted by Leelee (Member # 19112) on :
Wishing you a healing rest.

Please know how appreciative and grateful we are for all that you do.

Posted by lou4656 (Member # 10300) on :
Betty -- We appreciate all the hard work that you do for Lymenet. It is a full time (plus some) job for you.

I'll do what I can to put some extra effort into helping out. My schedule is very full right now, but I'll squeeze in the extra time where I can.

I understand your need for a break. Hope you enjoy your time away. We'll miss you.
Posted by kam (Member # 3410) on :
Betty take 2 weeks! And I hope your time away is wonderful.
Posted by Tincup (Member # 5829) on :
Get some R & R if you can. You more than deserve it.

Then come back.

If you don't I will have to track you down and drag you kicking and screaming back here.

And you know I will!

Happy Easter dear BG.

[Big Grin]
Posted by Ocean (Member # 3496) on :
Sorry Betty,
I don't blame you. Thank you for all that you do to help your fellow Lymies! Rest up, relax and enjoy this Easter weekend. I'm sorry you are so stressed out.


Posted by njlymemom (Member # 15088) on :
Betty, everyone needs a rest. I appreciate what you do, it must be overwhelming at times.
Take care of yourself, and a Happy Easter to you too!
Posted by blackcat (Member # 9881) on :

thanks for everything you do. please rest and feel better. hope you are back soon!
Posted by jt345 (Member # 19638) on :

You have no way of knowing what You have done for Me. And I thank-You form the bottum of My heart. Know You are in my prayers everyday.

I wish You and Your Husband peace and the healing that only comes from God.

with love

In Christ

Posted by cantgiveupyet (Member # 8165) on :
Take all the time you need Betty. I had no idea that so much was going on because of the placement of that thread.

Get some rest and come back when you are ready.

thanks for all you do.
have a great holiday
Posted by feelfit (Member # 12770) on :

rest. feel better. enjoy your husband. mend.

Posted by glm1111 (Member # 16556) on :

You deserve a much needed rest. You are such a blessing to this board. Like I mentioned before a Guiding Light to those in need.

Sending prayers of healing to your husband. Hope you have a great holiday. [group hug]

Posted by Dekrator48 (Member # 18239) on :

I am sorry that you are feeling so overwhelmed right now.

It is because you do so very much here that it is inevitable that you would feel this way.

I soooo appreciate everything you do, and I don't even know everything you do!

It takes a very big heart to devote one's life to helping so many people everyday that you don't even know....without asking anything in return, and not being well your husband!

I hope you have rested, cleared your mind and renewed your soul. You sure deserve it.

I believe that we all have a purpose and I think that you have definitely found it.

God will reward you for selflessly helping alot of suffering people.

Perhaps you should schedule a little time on a daily or weekly basis to pamper yourself just a little, so that your stress level may improve.

You are such a help, but maybe a little less computer time is better for your own health.

I know you will be back, because it is obvious that you are a true friend to all lyme patients.

We really do appreciate you!

Thanks for being my lymie friend.....I can still picture you dancing....and it's a beautiful picture.

Big hugs,
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
betty .. there's no need to work yourself to death on this site.

Take care and get some rest. We'll still be here!
Posted by lymeloco (Member # 7192) on :
Betty, I'm sorry if you thought that I was being harsh. I didn't realize that upper case letters meant yelling.

All of us here are really indebted to you for all that you do. It's just that it's a touchy subject with me also.

I think it's great that you want to help, I'm just concerned that it might give them more reason to do so.

I think WildCondor's suggestions are helpful.
Please take all the time you need to relax with hubby. You certainly deserve it.

I know this must seem like we are being hurtful, but trust me, I'm not. I couldn't hurt a flea or a tick. That's why I'm here.

You have done an excellent job on her and we all love you for it. Please don't take it to heart.

Some of us have dealt with issues that are close to home, and it only brings up those feelings.

Please realize, it's not you, but us and what some of us have dealt with.

Take time off, because you certainly deserve it, and realize that we're not out to hurt you. We think and care too much about you.

Please except my deepest apology and know we are looking forward to reading your wonderful knowledge that you have taught us. [group hug]
Posted by Silverwolf (Member # 9196) on :
Hugs and A Very Happy Easter too Y'all !!!

<<<<< Betty Kind Friend, and Husband >>>>> !!!

Honey,I hope you two can just rest and have a beautiful weekend !!!

I am so grateful for your help and kindnesses,May the Lord Our Creator Bless you and Your Hubby w/improved health!!!

Love from Silverwolf and TxC' too !!!
Posted by Geneal (Member # 10375) on :

Have a peaceful break. Smell the flowers, sing a song,

Go polka dancing! [Big Grin] You are right to take time out for yourself.

You work tirelessly and I sure do appreciate all you do.

So Sister, sending you prayers of love, peace and support

To both you and your husband.

May you find a renewance of love and life.

We'll be here waiting for you.


Posted by mushroomman06 (Member # 13088) on :

Do what ever you can to have the time and enjoy the time with your husband.

You have helped those that have came here and your time and effort to help educate us is appricatied.

All the time you have put forth is WELL WORTH it to us.

This LYME epidemic is leaping and bounding and you have set the ground work for so many.

You have been the LIGHT at the top of the hill for my long up hill journey.

To me YOU are a BRIGHT SHINNING LIGHTHOUSE to those with LYME just as the light house on our shores where to the early sea crossers.
Posted by Flyinpiker (Member # 19589) on :
You and your family are in my thoughts.

Thank you for all you do.
Posted by MissMari (Member # 11274) on :

I can only imagine how overwhelming it must be for you to do all the wonderful things you do with this site,

on top of being ill yourself.

You are our friend, our greeter, our confidante, our guiding light, and our "go-to" person.

At least you have been to me.

Sometimes getting away and getting back to yourself is the best medicine you can give yourself.

Please come back when you're up to it.

Meanwhile, take a break..... even angels have to rest their wings. [group hug]

Posted by John S (Member # 19756) on :
Good luck!
Posted by DaveNJ (Member # 17362) on :

Glad to see you are taking some well deserved time off. No doubt we will be here when you get back....take your time...the rest of us will hold up the fort.

Posted by METALLlC BLUE (Member # 6628) on :
There are many of us carrying this weight, you don't need to do it all, don't overwork yourself, -- I sure don't.
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :

i was going to take kam's advise and take a 2 week VACATION! well, i almost made it...10 days i think?

mushroomman's GUIDING LIGHTHOUSE IS BACK ON DUTY [Smile] hubby/i loved that one so much; it brought a much needed smile to my face as well as ALL the replies above to all you DEAR ONLINE LYME FRIENDS! [Smile] [group hug] [kiss]

read/saw 2roads post about her pregnancy so came back early to give her much needed hugs/kisses during this time in her life....

THANK YOU TO ALL THE ABOVE 24 FOLKS who all were so kind to leave such loving, heartfelt words for me and my dear hubby!!

i read him all here and LOCO's post she started; he enjoyed hearing the comments since my time here is time away from him and our doing anything on our limited things we can do together due to his advanced parkinson's!

it was 1 wk. ago when i went to buy groceries, i found hubby in the garage on his knees when i came home 20-30 minutes after i left.

he's gone out to start his vehicle which has sat all winter without being driven. he had to go around all stuff in back of it .... riding lawn mower, snow blower, and big wagon for yard work.

he apparently misstepped and stepped on a rake causing him to FALL where he could NOT GET UP AGAIN!

when i opened the door to unload groceries, he said he needed help. so got the groceries into house, and then tried on my own to raise him up, 200 lbs., but no luck.

so went to back yard neighbor, 150 lbs, who helped me get him up but he could NOT STAND AT ALL. i rushed to get lawn chair for him to sit down, but he didn't get sat down correctly, and was leaning all over in it.

told him he was going to sit there 15-20 minutes to rest up and relax his body. meanwhile i brought us out each an ice cream to eat. he used my walker to get to edge of van to sit down.

he could NOT back up at all; and missed end of van hitting the bumper area. i had a heck of a time getting him up and seated there.

then when eating ice cream, he kept leaning almost completely FLAT vs. sitting up .... 3-4 times i helped him up.

he used my walker to come into the house, and his right foot was dragging INWARD when he came in.

his speech was ok; now i believe he had some type of a stroke.

we'd just been to his/my dr. 2-3 days prior for annual blood testings, etc. ALL HIS BLOOD LABS CAME BACK NORMAL INCLUDING HIS 1ST PSA !!!

numbers were unbelievable healthy.

triglicerides 69; me 220 !!
chloresterl was amazing in the normal area too.

later he kidded me that he thinks it's the 2 bananas he east daily. he is such a healthy eater!! thank you God!

I called our homeward program, and on thurs. they will come and install a LIFELINE here and something for him to wear around his neck.

if he falls when i'm gone, he presses it and it goes directly to ER of our hospital 5 minutes from where we live! he has been fighting this, but i told him i need reassurance he will be ok & get help since his voice he's lost so much of his volume too.

last thurs./friday, i called 39 members of ENERGY COMMISSION who has our HR 1179 lyme bill asking them all to CO-SPONSOR our bill with this info:

i've had chronic lyme 39 yrs; 34.5 yrs. misdiagnosed by 40-50 drs....most were so sorry to hear that!

gave them my/our 3 brief lyme issues:

1. we want 100% accurate blood test to diagnose lyme.

2. blood supply; we want them to test for LYME & ALL CO-INFECTIONS which isn't being done. fyi; 1 man thought i said COLON INFECTIONS! had to laugh on that one.

3. our health insurance companies are denying us reimbursement for lyme expenses since they are using 06 infectious drs. lyme guidelines since they excluded scientists and our chronic lyme literate mds in the decision process.

almost all let me give all the above with my name/address, and 1 even asked my phone no....a FIRST for me!

only 1 rude woman who would not take any info; my name or issues.

another woman said we were called by 1 person earlier that day and didn't need anything from me.

ILLINOIS WOMAN HAS SIGNED AS CO-SPONSOR since her constituents contacted her many times & met with her!

for a person like me with DRY MOUTH; what a challenge that was calling 20 daily, and drinking as much water as possible.

i've gotten rest and gotten some things done on reading, but still a whole bunch more to read.

50% done reading my new van owner's manual; but some other much needed reading done and mailed.

NO HOUSECLEANING! boy does it need it again.

i spent 2 hours with my 97 yr. old aunt who celebrated her BD last weekend. i called into our daily BD radio club, and she was 1 of 2 winners. this dj & i have become close friends, and 90% of folks i call in WIN including me on my birthday.

so we each got 2 bouquets of flowers which i arranged, and then i bought her an angel food cake and had them decorate the top with her name, age, and happy birthday. when she saw that, tears came to her eyes. i later asked for a piece; she & i ate HALF the delicious cake!

again, THANK YOU TO ALL ABOVE for your very lovely, heartfelt, loving messages that really boost my moral. [group hug] [kiss]

sorry no individual thanks but 24 will wear me out; hope you understand. [Smile]


my newbie package links was DELETED ENTIRELY by lou bachman since i could NOT delete anything or add since i MAXED OUT UBB, whatever that is.

i needed to delete some outdated info, and could. but it would NOT DOWNLOAD correctly for me or lou.

so unfortunately, ALL had to be deleted.

i don't have the time and spirit to do this again; lou requested it be broken up medical vs. support and only links show vs. actual text too in case links are updated.

so my dear friend, keebler, you need to update your info, and delete the info about my newbie package & actual link.

my signature line seems NAKED without it!! plus my standard welcome letter to those joining here! [shake]

love you all xoxoxoxox bettyg, iowa lyme activist
Posted by Leelee (Member # 19112) on :
Oh, bettyg, it's so good to have you back! Mind if I give you a hug? Since you share them so freely with all of us? [group hug]

I hope your husband is okay. Honestly, I had to read that section a couple of times, because I couldn't believe my eyes. How frightening for both of you.

Sounds like you had a busy vacation. I hope you still were able to get enough rest.

Your return to all of us is a happy day indeed! [Smile]
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
lee, all hugs gladly accepted!! and here's back to you, but gremlins aren't working right now! [Smile]

thank you for the nice cheery note; yes, it was very scary for me. hubby keeps so much to himself but i'm sure he was a little bit scared too especially if i would have gone other places than just groceries.

here's to HAPPY DAYS AGAIN! [Smile] XOX
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
i'm back! if you missed my lengthy reply above this, please read it ... my update on things [Smile] xox
Posted by Pinelady (Member # 18524) on :
I want you to know you have grabbed a lot of us by

the hand and some of us by the nape of the neck to

keep us from drowning in the Lyme pool. God

returns all gifts 7 fold.
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :

thank you for your beautiful words; and i had never heard the phrase by the nape of the neck before...

thank you also for your wonderful words earlier above during my time off! i appreciated EACH person's stopping by and sharing with me/hubby. it makes the heart feel really FUZZY and warm! god bless you and yours. [group hug] [kiss]
Posted by carly (Member # 14810) on :
Wow, Betty. I just read about your time "off".

Know your husband and you are in the thoughts and prayers of many here whose lives you've touched.

I, too, am so sorry to hear of this recent health scare.

I'm glad to hear he's getting LIFELINE. Much needed peace of mind, at the very least!

He'll get immediate help if needed. That's a relief.

We all know it, but I have to say it:

You're an amazing woman! [group hug]

[Smile] Carly.
Posted by SuZ-Q (Member # 5903) on :
bettyg: priceless

glad you are back!!! [Smile]
Posted by Robin123 (Member # 9197) on :
Glad you're back, Betty, but just do here what you can without overworking yourself - it's important to take care of you and yours too...
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
carly, suzyq, and robin, [group hug] [kiss]

thank you ladies for each of your touching comments above.

carly ... amazing; hubby has said off/on ... glad they broke the mold when they made you .... 2 of you !! uffda. [Smile]

robin, yes, i plan to cut daily on my volunteer work here helping so many members!

i need a life that puts my HUBBY FIRST instead at the bottom of my to do list!

thanks again for my warm fuzzies; we all need them so much to survive our lyme/co-infection journeys. [Smile] xox
Posted by Melodymaker (Member # 16434) on :
Betty, so glad you are back, and glad you are making time for your life!!

Helper people often get overwhelmed, but it is wise to place you and your hubby at the top of your daily list.

Wishing you a return of all the blessings you have given others, 7 fold, pressed down and shaken together!!

Keeping you both in prayer!
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
melody, thanks so much! i've never heard your expression either .... boy, i'm really showing my age of 60 now! [lol] [Big Grin]

yes, hubby needs to be treated as the KING he is since he's never known me healthy in 34.5 yrs. of marriage !! [group hug] [kiss]
Posted by lymemomtooo (Member # 5396) on :
Welcome back Betty...lmt
Posted by John S (Member # 19756) on :
welcome back!
Posted by lakes592 (Member # 18905) on :
Yippee!! I was getting alittle worried. Glad you are back.

Take Care,
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
lymemomtoo, john, and ann,

thanks for stopping by to say hi and welcome back!
[group hug] [kiss]
Posted by Hoosiers51 (Member # 15759) on :

So glad to see you back!

Thank you for your kind words on my thread in Support. I loved your little made me laugh out loud!!! [Smile] [Smile] [Smile]

That is why we are so lucky to have you around here...not only for all the help, but for all the smiles!

Hope you are doing well!

Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
hoos, you are most welcome !! hehe [Smile] [group hug] [kiss] glad you got to laugh.

when i create any poem, i never know what will come out ... i just type all the words that rhyme and try to incorporate as many as possible! [lol]

thank you for your super kind words way up above and here.

i'm doing better than what i have in many months and YEARS while using my CPAP machine since i stop breathing when sleeping. thanks for asking [Smile]
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
i stopped by our joint pcp yesterday and had them correct some wrong info on meds/surgeries for us both. i told drs. rn about hubbies fall in garage and his reactions, etc.

if anythign happens again to call ER immediately; get meds into him fast.

LIFELINE was installed today for him. in our master bedroom since we don't have any phone jacks in livingroom in area he sits with his life-out chair.

they did a test run; they greeted him with a woman's name from a city 10 miles from here; took extra 30 minutes to get it straightened out!!

then what does he do, goes outside without it on, and will NOT wear it inside our small house.

i gave him holy heck... [tsk] [Roll Eyes]
Posted by pab (Member # 904) on :
If you want to have the base unit near your husband's favorite chair, you could use something like this:


We use one because we need a phone line in our closet for Dish Network.
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
peggy, thanks for the suggestion and link describing it all.

in our left handout, they mentioned:


from quest, call 1.800.244.1111

this jack allows the LIFELINE unit to seize the phone line and send a HELP signal, even if any phine if off the hook.

i haven't called about it yet.

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