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Posted by cjohnson (Member # 21271) on :
Hi All,

I'm new to the forum and I understand and respect why can not post information on LLMD's. With that being said, I just found a new LLMD and would like to know if others have used him and how their experience with this doctor has been. Is there a way to accomplish this? I don't want to discuss treatment details, just bed side manner, responsiveness, etc.

Posted by TF (Member # 14183) on :
Yes, create a post with the title "Need Info. on doctor P in NY."

Put the first initial of the doctor's last name in place of the "P." So, for Dr. Smith, it would be Dr. S in NY.

Don't list the city--just the state.

Then, say you want to know bedside manner, etc.

Probably should be posted in "Seeking a Dr." forum, but you could try "Medical Questions" forum instead since so many more people go there.

People will reply by private message mostly. So, be sure you have enabled the private messaging feature.

That's it!
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
chris, your request here should go ONLY TO SEEKING DRS. area please.

so please cut your post & both our replies to you and start a NEW post in SEEKING DR. area.

paste your/our replies there

go to bottom left corner and mark box to receive all replies; send [Smile]

just edit this one with the info you have using TF's great directions ok. click on PENCIL, 3rd box to right of your name, to open up subject line and text area.

in subject line, you would show what TF gave you; example

feedback needed Dr. S in NYC or state

if they have a SPECIALTY you are aware of: rheumatoligist, neurology, etc., you can put that in subject title to save us time looking for you ok [Smile]

1 time there were 8 dr. s's for 1 state alone!! so it's very hard for those of us giving out llmd names too [Smile]

thanks for observing lymenet's rules and confidentiality! [Smile]

if you want to know more, go to activism and read about DR. CHARLES JONES, KIDS. NO. 1 LLMD IN CONN. starting his 3rd yr. of monthly hearings w/conn. health dept. trying to take his medical license away.

these hearings & his legal defense to keep going are costing HIM/US $100,000 PER MONTH!! he's lost everything! [toilet] [tsk] [puke] [cussing]

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