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Posted by Janice70 (Member # 16319) on :
What seasons are they nymphs, and what season are they adult? Is August a more or less

dangerous month?
Posted by Melanie Reber (Member # 3707) on :
Hi Janice,

It is pretty much a year round issue here... as we do not experience the real hard freezes that most places do. (FYI- viable ticks have been found living in leaf litter under snowpack)

Normally, the life cycle for ticks follows a Spring- Summer- Fall trend of Nymph, Larva and Adults being active in each respective season and going dormant in the winter months.

Not in CA. Our weather is so mild that one can expect to see any form of the life cycle year round.

CALDA information:
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Every day!!
Posted by just don (Member # 1129) on :
thats why they call it 'tick toc',,always time for lyme
Posted by Robin123 (Member # 9197) on :
The state DPH sends out two press releases a year - one in the spring for the nymphs and one in the fall for the adults. They say the nymph season is spring-summer and the adult time is November - June.

So, Melanie, since you're saying any form can be found at any time, do you know anything more about the timing of when nymphs/adults have been found here?
Posted by Melanie Reber (Member # 3707) on :
According to CALDA, the most active nymph times... and this is important because the nymphs are said to do the most damage here...

(although, IMO, any tick at anytime can do damage...)

Anyway, Nymphs are most active from spring to early summer, and Adults are most active from fall to early spring... so there you go.

Being 'most active' does not necessarily indicate that other times they are inactive, right? [Smile]
Posted by Melanie Reber (Member # 3707) on :
Also, nymphs prefer cool, moist, leaf litter and logs... NO tree hugging allowed. Nymphs love to live in the moss on tree trunks!

And adults prefer sunny, grassy areas, close to trails. Think picnic tables.

There was a recent report of a physician being bitten in downtown SF. Not a leaf or blade of grass in sight.

Ticks are everywhere, so I tend to stay in my car. But that's just me. [Smile]
Posted by Robin123 (Member # 9197) on :
Whoa - I want to know the names of the downtown SF street and cross-street please, ma'am, if you know!

And which asphalt bump our urban transgressor was hiding in...

Can you say anything more re details?

Feel like I'm going to quarantine everyone here in a thick TKO Orange spray mist pretty soon.
Posted by Melanie Reber (Member # 3707) on :
Hahaha... Yes, I need to order my newest summer Haz-Mat suit, in lovely cobalt blue, with more ventilation holes... soon! [Smile]

I would have to double check on the asphalt bump and cross street locations before giving you the go-ahead to orange douse it. (but, sent some more info via email to ya)

Those Big City ticks... what can I say? They do tend to be a bit uppity and pushy. However, if this was indeed a Tourist tick... he could have easily just been lost amidst the big buildings and asking for directions?
Posted by Robin123 (Member # 9197) on :
Ok - here's the latest scoop on tick season in San Francisco - a hotbed of activity here. You will recognize the ticks by the little cameras they carry, and of course, their cameras don't say click - they say tick!

High-end ticks might be found staying at the Mariottick or the Grand Hyattick. Who knows - maybe word got around about the conference here last year and they're revisiting the Cathedral Hilltick hotel.

If a tick asks you for directions, be sure to send it north to the Sonoma Cty DPH for its test. Do not tell any where the parks are here.
Posted by Melanie Reber (Member # 3707) on :
I think we scared Janice away...?
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Originally posted by Melanie Reber:
I think we scared Janice away...?

Maybe .. but at any rate you made me LAUGH!!! [lol]
Posted by Melanie Reber (Member # 3707) on :
Hey Miss Pops! So pleased to know it! [Smile]
Posted by pmerv (Member # 1504) on :
August is probably the most tick-free month since it's so dry and hot. But if it isn't dry or hot enough, all bets are off.
Posted by farraday (Member # 21494) on :
We live in hills covered with dry grasses and oak trees. Lots of deer! My kids are afraid to let the grandkids roam, as they love to do. They have rope swings in the trees, trails, lizards to catch and lots of adventure up here.

They may all soon move in with us. Is there some way we can spray for ticks? We do have Terminex spray around the house. And I always bathe and shampoo the kids before they go to bed.

We installed those electic gadgets you plug into the wall and all the spiders and flying insects in the house have disappeared. So have the mice! I don't see any ticks inside.

Any ideas?
Posted by Melanie Reber (Member # 3707) on :
"August is probably the most tick-free month since it's so dry and hot. But if it isn't dry or hot enough, all bets are off."

This morning it is unseasonably cool (56*)... and raining! [Smile]
Posted by Melanie Reber (Member # 3707) on :
That sounds like such a haven, Farrady.

Yes, you can spray concentrated Sevin to help. You may also want to set up a designated area that is relatively 'safe' by spraying and doing other landscape remediations to make it as unsavory to intruders as possible.

Be sure to do thorough tick checks as part of that bedtime routine as studies have shown that just washing is not enough to dislodge the little buggers. Wear gloves when doing this, of course.

If you need more ideas on the landscape things, let us know.
Posted by Robin123 (Member # 9197) on :
What about some TKO Orange spraying - it's a nontoxic, essential oil that deters/kills bugs on impact - biodegradable - can be sprayed on clothing, in the home, the yard, lightly misted or rubbed on animal fur Ok to use as long as no allergies to oranges. It's also an awesome cleaner

Can be obtained diluted as Orange Guard in healthfood stores and hardware stores. Also as a concentrate online at www.TKOOrangecom. Put a couple drops in a spray bottle and fill up with water.
Posted by pmerv (Member # 1504) on :
The best tick management handbook is available from the CT Ag Experiment Station, CAES. Google it. The book is on the left hand side. It's a big file.

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