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Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
I'm so happy to announce feelfit's birthday!!!

Feelfit... I'm praying that this year will be a better one for you!!!

Posted by LymeLearned (Member # 20565) on :
Happy Birthday FEELFIT...and I hope You DO feel super de duper fit and happy today!!!

Posted by joalo (Member # 12752) on :
Happy birthday! [kiss]
Posted by mtree (Member # 14305) on :
[hi] feelfit

Happy Day to you!!!! [woohoo]

hope you have a wonderful birthday with many granted wishes!!!

[Smile] mtree
Posted by feelfit (Member # 12770) on :
Thank you friends, the big 50....I am going to try and make 50 rock! You're the best and your wishes mean more than you can know.

Posted by aklnwlf (Member # 5960) on :
Did you say the big 5-0?

I'm right behind you Feelfit. My next b-day will be the big 5-0 too!

Anywho, I hope your day is extra, extra special.

As I'm typing this I keep hearing the theme song to Hawaii 5-0! [lol]

Can you hear it?

Now picture yourself running down the beach in Hawaii eating a piece of birthday cake at the same time.

Hope this made you smile and have a great day!

Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
Feelfit just turned 50 !!
Don't you think that's rather nifty?

50; you're not blue,
and you won't say PU,
because we didn't have a clue
that 50 was sneaking up on YOU. [Smile]

Now there's only a few
of us who knew
what a gift you've been blessed with.

So I won't cry or say boo hoo,
and just say WHOOPIE too!

an original by BettyG [group hug] [kiss]

Feelfit, may your future birthdays be blessed with GOOD HEALTH and happiness always. [Smile]

[ 08-06-2009, 01:52 PM: Message edited by: bettyg ]
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Feelfit .. I've mentioned before that today is also my cousin's birthday .. but guess what???

It's the big 5-0 for her too!! AND she has Lyme!
Posted by Ocean (Member # 3496) on :
Happy Birthday Feelfit!! I too hope this year will be YOUR year to get well!

Hope your day was special!!

[group hug]

Posted by njlymemom (Member # 15088) on :
Happy Birthday, feelfit!!

Hope this year does "rock" for you.
Posted by feelfit (Member # 12770) on :
Njmom, Ocean, Alaska lone, BettyG, Hugs to all, thanks for the good wishes....means more than you know!

TuTu what a small world huh! lyme, 50, female!!!!

BettyG, you really outdid yourself with that little ditty. [Smile]

Posted by 1Bitten2XShy (Member # 12280) on :
Sorry for the belated wishes...

Hope your day was a great one!
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
feelfit, glad you enjoyed it; just reread it and edited the line with boo hoo in it [Smile]
Posted by seekhelp (Member # 15067) on :
HAPPY BIRTHDAY FEELFIT!! I really hope this is a good year for you!!! [Smile]
Posted by seekhelp (Member # 15067) on :
HAPPY BIRTHDAY FEELFIT!! I really hope this is a good year for you!!! [Smile]
Posted by Geneal (Member # 10375) on :
Sorry I am so late. Just got internet back.

Happy, happy birthday!

Hope your day was filled with love and laughter.


Posted by Jill E. (Member # 9121) on :
Sorry I'm a few days late. Happy birthday to a fellow August baby!

Isn't 50 the new 40 or 30? Hope the big day was fabulous!!!!

Posted by feelfit (Member # 12770) on :
30, Jill, 30! Thanks again everyone. My Birthday was actually pretty good!


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