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Posted by mmbl (Member # 20642) on :
I saw an LLMD for the first time today. For the first time in my life, I feel like I've talked to someone that understands. He told me what my other docs probably said to me already, and he was right. He thinks based on my symptoms that I need more aggressive treatment, of course we are following with additional testing before we do anything. But he said usually the biggest issue is fighting insurance companies. I've been treated twice with the 21 day pills and have had no difference in my symptoms. I have a really good PPO. What are my chances of having additional treatment, as in IV or longer length orals, covered? What are some of your experiences with that? It's going to be a big bummer if it's insurance that gets in the way after all this time already.
Posted by luvs2ride (Member # 8090) on :

I have a really good ppo too and so far (4 yrs) they have covered all conventional tests and meds and doctor visits. No hassles whatsoever.

My doctor runs a gazillion tests so I am really impressed that the insurance company does not complain. Of course, my tests come back positive so how could they really argue?

I and my doctor prefer alternative care whenever possible and that I pay for out of pocket. But I am on prescription meds too and they pay for them. Even the longterm Mepron which I have been on for 5 mths now. My lyme progressed into rheum arthritis which is taken very seriously. I am doing great and again, how could the insurance company argue that?

Posted by mv (Member # 21888) on :
Like luvs everything except the alternative care has been covered, and we too have had a million tests run. They even paid for the port for the IV therapy.
Posted by mmbl (Member # 20642) on :
Thanks for your replies. Yeah, so far I haven't had any problem with them. I have gone through soo many testing this past year; tons of blood work, ultrasounds, spinal tap, mri's, etc. I've seen my rhuematologist, hematologist, gastrointernalist, infectious disease and now the llmd. No complaints up till now. I am just concerned with further treatment. But your replies made me sigh a little.
Posted by seekhelp (Member # 15067) on :
Luvs, I'd bet you have BCBS. [Smile]

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