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Posted by Lymegirl82 (Member # 21864) on :
Hello everyone. I am pretty new here and have been suffering with Lyme for over a year and a half.

I was finally diagnosed in may of this year. After the what seems to be the typical parade from one doc to another.

Misdiagnoses and a drawer full of perscriptions.

When I was finally diagnosed I was relieved. I actual cried (If that makes any sense)

I was beginning to feel like I was actually crazy.

I was lead to believe from my Doc, family and friends that I would be fine. Some antibiotics and I would be good to go.

Well I was for maybe a month or so but then I got sick all over again.

I have been sick for 2 years now and it seems like no one cares.

I was put out on temp disability for the second time for severe migraines. Not Lymes Disease and I don't understand why

Lyme is what's causing my migraines. My doctor even told me she couldn't extend my leave unless I was still have migraine problems.

As if the fact that my joint hurt to the point that sometimes it's hard to walk or that I am soooo exhausted that I can barely think straight or keep my eyes open!

It seems as if I have lost all my friends and my family acts like I'm on vacation.

It's to the point where I don't tell them how I am feeling because they just look at me like I lying or exaggerating.

I can't figure out what is worse about this.

being sick or having to deal with the people who supposedly care about you act as if nothing is wrong.

How do people cope with this?

Sorry this is so long.
Posted by Tincup (Member # 5829) on :
Hey girly..

You are no longer alone.

Everyone here understands.

Everyone here will help you in one way or another.

Take a deep breath, paint your toe nails all different colors... then come back and take a look at the responses.

Welcome to LymeNet!

[Big Grin]
Posted by Tincup (Member # 5829) on :
If you can.. watch this... order a copy... and have your friends and family watch it.

Go here and click on the trailer:

[Big Grin]
Posted by Melanie Reber (Member # 3707) on :

Something to share with friends and family members:;f=3;t=008886
Posted by Lymegirl82 (Member # 21864) on :
Thanks for the welcome and the info Tincup and Melanie I really appreciate it.

This group is great it's such a relief to come here and see I'm not by myself on this.
Posted by mtree (Member # 14305) on :
Hello [hi] Lymegirl...

you are sooo not alone now have thousands of friends that know exactly what you are going through right at your finger tips!!! [Big Grin]

welcome to LymeNet!!

[group hug] mtree
Posted by DJP (Member # 5893) on :
I found it hard because we don't look sick. I can remember family members talking to me and the whole time I was thinking..."can't they see I'm dying", because that is exactly how I felt.

I think people don't always think before they speak. Another family member said about one of my treatments..."well, I hope this works so you can just put this behind you and get on with your life".....Hello do you think I've enjoyed any part of being sick or having my life turned upside down for the past four years???

Hang in there and find those who will support you. I found some great friends in my neighborhood and we support each other in the ways we can.
Posted by Toppers (Member # 20083) on :
My family straight up abandoned me and blamed this all on drugs. Whether they believe that, or it's just easier for them to deal with it, the effect is the same. It's a vicious cycle of ignorance that leaves you on your own.

Sorry but "welcome" to this club hahaha.

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