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Posted by Toppers (Member # 20083) on :
No more drinking, night clubs, the friends that went along with that good life. Now I am stuck with sensitivity to sound, light, can't drink, etc. you know the story. Vanished, everything.

Not complaining because I am here now and will make the best of it, but damn, this garbage really rewrites what you knew of as "life".
Posted by Lymegirl82 (Member # 21864) on :
I know exactly how you feel. I haven't reached my 30's yet but I'm not to far off and I feel the same way!

Thank goodness for this site.
Posted by lightparfait (Member # 22022) on :
Hey, you guys are still young...take it from me as an over 50!

I am finally better, and had the same problems in my 20's and 30's.

Here's my advice. That I wish someone told me when I was so sick!

Start a whole body cleanse and detox. Learn about it here on the threads, or ask questions.
You will get help.

Also, spend ;money on the Allergie Immune therapy asap. Get rid of inherited disregulatins that make your treatment virtually impossible to work.

Then after that , work on heavy metals, candida/yeast/ and parasites.

You wil get your life back! You are still young and your immune system is strong, it is just working overtime on some hidden things, and cannot kick the lyme and co right now.

Help your immune system by going deeper, then work on the lyme and co, and your immune system will kick it's butt!

My teen just got her life back.
IT took almost two years...but now she is back!

blessings and good luck on your journey to health.
don't give up. Getting diagnosed with lyme will actually save your life if you do this.

Posted by Ocean (Member # 3496) on :
I'm with ya too! I got sick at 17, so I never did the whole have fun with other kids my age type thing. When I was finally 75% of what I was I went to college, but I was on a raw food diet due to the Lyme and never even got to eat a pizza! Told my roommate that I had had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and I HAD to be asleep by 10 pm every night.

Probably thought I was nuts. I was just trying to hold on to the health that I had, was still sleeping 9 hours per night though (MUCH better than 12-16 though!).

When I finally found out what this thing really was I was angry for quite a while, I've known I wasn't 'normal' that my siblings went off to college, participated in social activities, had fun ect. Not me, was always depressed (NEVER before Lyme though, never!)...til I got some IV abx when my appendix ruptured at 21...I felt SO happy for once...had no idea of course.

Like Lightparfait says though...We are LUCKY to KNOW what we have. Yes, we've had a lot of our early, 'fun' lives ruined by this stupid bacteria...BUT....we have knowledge what this IS!!! We could have gone another 15-20 years not knowing! I am now 30 and am gonna kick this thing to the curb.

Lightparfait (I always think Lymeparfait...cause of your former name, but I like this one better!) you attribute more of your daughter's success from AI or any specific cleanse?? I'm all ears if you are willing to share! PM if you want!

Take care,
Posted by just don (Member # 1129) on :
it wiped out my 140's and 150's too!!! Course I am a tad older today at 159.

WAIT till ya get old,dem bones hurt dat much mo'!!!!
Posted by Starfall1969 (Member # 17353) on :
Just don, lol, you old geezer.

Lol, I keep hearing that 40 is the new 20. I tell you what, if I'd hve felt at 20 like I do now, I wouldn't have lived to see 30.

I am thankful that I made it to 40, because last year I thought I wouldn't, but I am angry because now I have 2 beautiful, healthy, extremely active little boys, and I can't properly enjoy them of mother them because of this damn disease.

I had visions of being a totally different mother than mine was --she did her best, but she was always planted in front of the TV smoking her cigarettes and drinking her coffee.

Never had time or energy to do anyhting with me and my other brother (whereas she DID have the energy for my two WAY older brothers that she had earlier in life).

I started wondering recently if she didn't have Lyme or something taht made her that way.
Posted by keltyl (Member # 14050) on :
Consider yourself lucky that you have found it at your age. It took my whole life away. Bitten b/f I became a teenager, found in Nov.'07. I'm now 59.

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