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Posted by Skyler (Member # 11549) on :
The Super Famous and beloved HBO show Curb Your Enthusiasm did a huge signfeild reunion show which had the huge topic of LYME DISEASE!!!! All throughout the show Lyme Disease is mentioned, and facts are presented pretty darn accurate!!!

YAY Larry David (creator of NBC's Sienfild)

Thank You Larry for getting the word out on such a monumental episode of his shoW!!!

-Thats all, pretty excited!

Hope all is well,
Skyler June
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
skyler, when did this take place ??

anyway to read the script, etc; never heard of the show, but thx for posting.

i couldnt' understand the title .... curb your lyme disease??
Posted by 22dreams (Member # 17846) on :
"curb your enthusiasm"


One of the creators of Seinfeld--his show.

My boss just mentioned it to me today in passing.
I am not sure how it was presented---

did ppl have varied symptoms or all similar....

my boss said the take was like it's the "disease du jour".

Everyone around Larry was turning up dx'd with LD so he started suggesting that ppl get checked for LD when they complained of sx....

is that right Skyler?

Found this:

"The whole episode was just flawlessly plotted and every moment had meaning. From Larry diagnosing Susie with Lyme disease to doing the same thing for Sandy at the end of the ep, it flowed beautifully. Sort of like an episode of another sitcom that used to be on about ten years ago..."

"Larry is meanwhile angered by the poor tickets he was given by the network exec, and he curses at him, angering the exec and causing him to cancel the reunion,

though his swift recognition of Lyme disease in the exec gains him his show back. All seems well until he gets a call from Jerry Seinfeld, who has already got Meg Ryan going for the part of George's ex-wife, which Larry had envisioned for Cheryl."

I don't know if the clip in here contains anything about it:
Posted by Skyler (Member # 11549) on :
And this is not really the first time. There is a Golden Girls Episode where Dorthy Is sick, and they talk about Lyme Disease. The Episode always makes me cry, because she goes from doctor to doctor and everyone tells her she is crazy. In the end they diagnose here with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but they mention Lyme, and Its pretty clear where they were going with it. Worth seeing.

The Curb Episode is awesome. Its worth checking out.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
HBO would be about six days' worth of food for me, however, some of the reply can be seen at You Tube:

. . .

Lyme Disease Awareness: By correctly diagnosing Susie and the NBC executive's mystery illnesses (``Have you walked in any tall grass lately?''), Larry puts a face on Lyme Disease and proves that hypochondria does pay.

From You Tube:

Curb Your Enthusiasm CYE Season 7 Episode 3 Part 1/4 - The Reunion

7:00 video

1:00 into this, character presents symptoms . . ,. ``tired all the time . . .''

1:36 Larry: ``have you been in any tall grass . . . have you been tested for lyme . . .'' "what d'ya have to loose? So take a blood test . . . I'm a hypochondriac, I'm aware of this stuff. . . .''

. . .
Posted by 22dreams (Member # 17846) on :
Thanks for the links, I'll hafta take a look.
I can't afford HBO either as I'm sure a heckavalot of others are in the same boat on here as us. Thank God for the internet so we can at least maybe catch glimpses in clips.

At least someone thought enough of it to bring it to my attention this morning(in passing, in a rush).

and I guess it's a hugely popular show, so---
if on the positive side of things, it's a good thing..good press for us...

I am assuming Larry David did an okay job. I also would imagine he is familiar with lyme via personal experience (friends, acquaintances...).
Posted by dmbfan (Member # 11948) on :
I love Curb and was ecstatic to see lyme mentioned not once, but twice last night! I was cheering!

My husband kept saying, "I wonder who got Lyme?" meaning which writer, producer, actor, etc experienced lyme and borught it up as a topic...curious...
Posted by 22dreams (Member # 17846) on :
The woman who appears in the scene at 1:00 says(paraphrased), that she's achy, never been so tired in her life, joints aches, knees, and that she's been to a coupla doctors but she was told it's "all in her head"....she'd been to Fire Island...

The writers on this show definitely have lyme patients in their lives.

caveat: foul language contained in the clip for those who are sensitive or in earshot of young 'uns.


It looks like the episode can be watched here, but you have to fill out (your choice of) a survey and provide personal information (name, address, phone #) to do so [Frown] I don't know if it's a valid website as it doesn't seem to be routed via HBO...?

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