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Posted by MDW005 (Member # 22706) on :
are there any stories about people who have beat Lyme or other infections due to a tick? need some faith.
Posted by TF (Member # 14183) on :
Yes, me. I had lyme, babesiosis and bartonella. I had these diseases about 10 years before getting my diagnosis.

I completed my lyme treatment 4 1/2 years ago, and I am still symptom-free, enjoying my life--the same life I had before lyme disease.

And, I have many friends and acquaintances whom I referred to lyme doctors near me. They also all got rid of their diseases.

The doc is the key, my friend. The doc is the key. I and my friends got well by going to Burrascano type doctors. So, I am a great believer in the Burrascano protocol based on my experience.

If you are not familiar with the Burrascano lyme treatment guidelines, I suggest you read and STUDY them to get your education on this disease.

You must evaluate your doctor's treatment of this disease. You can't just have blind faith in the doc and expect that everything will turn out right. That is because not all doctors know how to get rid of lyme and its coinfections.

I suggest asking if a doc follows Burrascano and only taking them as your doctor if they do.

And, you should know some people who have been cured of lyme by the doc before you decide to go to him.

Otherwise, you can spend year after year treating this illness with little to show for it except a depleted pocketbook.

That's why I still hang around this site--to point new folks to the good docs so they don't have to spend so much time figuring out which doctor has the best chance of getting them well and what GOOD lyme treatment looks like.

I myself wasted 2 years on inadequate lyme treatment that helped me but could never get rid of my diseases.

Here are the Burrascano Guidelines:
Posted by TerryK (Member # 8552) on :
success stories
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
I've been off abx for 5 yrs now!
Posted by WildCondor (Member # 434) on :
Tick Lady in the house!!! [bow] Listen to her! She's right!

I've been off meds for 5 years too, doing great.
many, many others have gotten cured, no longer post on Lymenet and have moved on with the happy things in their life. [Smile]
Posted by lifeline (Member # 3445) on :
I also have been off abx for 5 years and rife for maintenance.

I credit my LLMD for such good care. I still do have some joint pain but it does not cause too many problems.

I do everything I ever did in the past, except I take more supplements/herbs than I used to before Lyme.

The paranoia in me tries to avoid walking in grassy areas and never sits on logs!
Posted by MDW005 (Member # 22706) on :
thankyou all for your responses I will keep the faith
Posted by mv (Member # 21888) on :
lifeline, I've started using the rife machine. How often did you do it initially, and how often do you now do it for maintenance?

Thanks for the help [Smile]
Posted by daisyrlb (Member # 15686) on :
I have been off abx since March 2009 and am doing great.

You can go to General Support, Success Stories and I'm sure you'll be encouraged.

My story is near the end of page 2.
Posted by MDW005 (Member # 22706) on :
thank you daisyrlb, I will read your story.
Posted by stymielymie (Member # 10044) on :
been in remission coming on 4years
final treatment was the kicker that got me over the edge.
docdave's cocktail, highly researched
tx for systemic yeast and prevent dormant virals
vfend 3 months
acyclovir 3 month
no sugar,yeast,grains
mucho, mucho probiotics, available in pharmacy in
refrig so they are active cultures.

should be clean of yeast in 10 days to 4 weeks.
improvement should be gradual and better every day
may herx from the kill of the hidden yeast for several days.

can not get better from long term abx until
systemic yeast is cleared PERIOD!!!!!!!


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