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Posted by Julie2763 (Member # 2841) on :
Hello everyone!

Well, it's that time again. Christmas is right around the corner and we are starting Operation Green Santa again this year.

For those newbies on the board, I will explain what Operation Green Santa is. We know that families with Lyme have a difficult time trying to meet all their medical expenses, work, and take care of their sick ones. Christmas is the time for giving, helping, sharing, caring and opening up our hearts and our wallets to others in need.

In years past we have helped our LymeNet families that were strapped financially with Christmas for their children. This will be our 8th year of assisting LymeNet families so they can enjoy the holidays and have presents under the tree for their kids. The past three years we have been able to help some adults as well.

We have had FANTASTIC turnouts in the past! The spirit of Christmas was certainly in the air on Lymenet. We had many, many secret Santas behind the scenes shopping and shipping those special items to the families in need of some extra help.

Here is how this program works - For those who have fallen on hard times because of this disease, and who are part of the LymeNet family, please don't feel bashful or awkward asking for our help. That's why we developed this project. We are here to help each other!


For families in need, here is the information I need from you when you e-mail me. First, in the subject header let me know it has something to do with Operation Green Santa; otherwise, I may not open the mail. Please include your LymeNet screen name. My e-mail address is: [email protected].

The information you give me is confidential and will only be shared with the Santa that is helping to shop for your child/children/teen. I know it is scary giving this information out to me, but, so far we have not had any problems and I will do my best to ensure we don't have any problems in the future.

1. I need the parents' first and last name and shipping address.

2. I need the child/children's/teenagers first name, age, male or female, favorite color, hobbies, interests, and clothes sizes (ex. Sm. Med. Lg. XL or sz. 8/10/12/14 depending on top/shirt/pant size). The more information you give me regarding your child, the better we can shop. If your child has a special request of a particular item, we will try to fill it.

3. We will NOT wrap the gifts, so, parents can look the items over and make sure they are appropriate for their child/children/teen. Parents will be responsible for wrapping the gifts. The packages will come in the parents' name to the shipping address they provided to me.

4. If I should e-mail you needing more information, please get back to me as soon as possible, as our Santas usually can't wait to get started shopping. We had a lot of shop-a-holics last year!!! (GRIN)

5. The only thing we ask from you is PLEASE send a thank-you card to the Santas that shop for your child. The return address will be on the packages you receive. A small note of thanks to our Secret Santas gives them that warm and fuzzy feeling, and helps to keep this volunteer project running.

6. You don't ever need to tell your children that you didn't buy the gifts. They will never know unless you chose to tell them.

7. THE CUT OFF DATE FOR REQUESTING OUR HELP IS DECEMBER 7th. That way we have time to complete all needs and have time to ship before the holidays.


Those of you that helped last year or prior years, I thank you again for all of your assistance and help. You guys made this project the success it has become!!!

Okay, here is what I need from the Secret Santas -

Each year we give each child one large to medium size gift as well as a shoe- box filled with goodies (like stocking stuffers). Remember to put something in the subject heading, so I know it has to do with Operation Green Santa/Christmas. Please include your email address and screen name so we have two different ways to contact you.

IDEAS FOR THE SHOE BOX (stocking stuffers) - dependent upon age of child/teen of course. Hair accessories, jewelry, Barbie dolls, trucks/cars/ candy, gum, hair brushes, make-up, small books, watches, nail polish, bath n-body sample bottles, stickers, small bottles of cologne, trading cards, CD's, gift certificates etc. I think you get the idea. Put as many things as you can in your shoe- box. Make sure the items are appropriate for the age of the child/teenager.

MEDIUM TO LARGE GIFT - This gift should be between $15.00 - $25.00 item. Ideas may be given by parent as well as size, hobbies, interests etc. This item could be clothing, CD, stuffed animal, books, gift certificates, etc.

Over the years, we have been able to give several medium to large items to the kids because of the overwhelming response of our generous Santas. Hopefully this year we will be able to do the same.

Secret Santas you can go ahead and e-mail me. Let me know if you prefer to fill a shoe- box or buy a larger item. REMEMBER - Don't wrap your gifts. Make sure to put your return address on the boxes.

When I have a parent with a child/teen request, I will contact you and give you a child/teen to buy for. After you shop and have sent the package, ***** Please let me know it was shipped, so I can mark the child/teen off my list and know they have been taken care of.

Ho Ho Ho and Merry Christmas!! Remember, we are spreading Holiday Cheer!!

From the Green Santa
Posted by mtree (Member # 14305) on :
Hi Julie [hi]

count me in again this year to be a Green Santa...

thank you for doing this again this year...
just curiouse....about how many children does the Green Santa help???????

I'll be emailing you....
[Smile] mtree
Posted by randibear (Member # 11290) on :
count me in \

i do both large and small.

prefer girls but boys are ok too.

i like to throw in small stuff for the parents too.
Posted by Julie2763 (Member # 2841) on :
Thank you - I have added both of you to the list and will contact you within a couple of weeks with a match.

Last year, I think we helped around 55 people!!! It was a very busy season, but so wonderful that we were able to help so many.

Posted by Tif (Member # 12701) on :
I emailed you...........
Posted by kam (Member # 3410) on :
I had a thought this am but not able to do the research on it.

And it may be too late for this year.

But, I know See's Candy has a fundraiser program.

And I know a store in town that would most likely sale the candy for me.

the next step is to see how it works and figure out if it would work.

See's Candy for Green Santa along with a message such as Doc Dave wrote.
Posted by map1131 (Member # 2022) on :
Julie count me in again this year.

Posted by Julie2763 (Member # 2841) on :
pm sent to Pam - thank you [Smile]
Posted by overcomer36 (Member # 23243) on :
This is a GREAT cause, but my concern is that I gave money and gifts in 2006, and none were acknowledged at all by the recipients, which left me wondering if they were legit... I gave because I was given to a few years back and wanted to give back, so to speak. But i received not even an acknowledgement and when I looked for the names I was given, on here, i could not locate them. Does anyone check to see if the people claiming to need assistance, really do, and are really Lyme sufferers?

Dont get me wrong.... I LOVE to give and help but i got a bad feeling afterwards...esp when noone could provide any info on the people/names I was given after the Green Santa thing was over (after Cmas). It bothered me.

Anyone? I want to help this year but dont want to be duped by anybody claiming to be in need when they either really arent and/or are just using this Forum, etc.

Posted by stymielymie (Member # 10044) on :
the green santa is suppose to be anonymous.
you are not suppose to put name on package.

and BTW drum roll please ,I HAVE COLLECTED

Posted by Julie2763 (Member # 2841) on :
overcomer36 - I do make sure that people are previous Lymenet members. But there is no way for me to find out if they are truly in need.

I am going to make sure to send every person that asks for help an email this year.

Asking them to send their Green Santa a note of some sort so the Green Santa knows the gifts were received (unless the Green Santa wishes to remain anonymous).

DOCDAVE - Way to go!!!!!

I will be sending emails and pm's this coming weekend with some match ups. I meant to do it this weekend, but my dad's funeral was Saturday. It has been a difficult time for our family.

Posted by mtree (Member # 14305) on :

I am so sorry to here about your dad.....

[group hug] mtree
Posted by mtree (Member # 14305) on :
also I had a thought....

what if the Green Santa's..(if they want)...sent along with the gifts a self addressed stamped envelpoe......

all they would need to do is acknowlegde that they received the gift...?

it's a thought...not sure if it's a good one...

[Smile] mtree
Posted by merrygirl (Member # 12041) on :
sorry about your dad...

Posted by merrygirl (Member # 12041) on :
I want to also say that i think it is awful not to thank the giver. totally wrong. people make sure you thank the generous people who help you.

Posted by Julie2763 (Member # 2841) on :
mtree and merrygirl - thank you [Smile]

mtree - sounds like a great idea to me.

Posted by Kreynolds (Member # 15117) on :

I am one of those "unfortunate" families that need assistance once again this year....

I don't mind putting my name out there because I have nothing to hide.

I have the disease, my 3 year old son has the disease and my wife takes care of us both.

This year has been a truly trying time because we had found out my son has had the disease.

Last year was the first time I heard about "Operation Green Santa" and was humbled by the generousity.

I did send a thank you card to the family and still feel blessed to have such nice/caring people out there to help our family out.

I don't know if questioning a family in need especially around the holidays is the right thing to do...

Just my opinion....


[group hug]

Posted by JillF (Member # 5553) on :
I think I was a green santa back in 05' and 06'. I know the last yr I volunteered I took on three different families. I say families because I also included giftcards for the entire family/parents. I actually researched grocery stores for the families I had so I could send them giftcards for groceries/Christmas dinner.

I spent $300 - $400 dollars between the three families. I really really went overboard but I was happy to help out and I was able to afford it.

Out of those three families I got one thank you. That year I was not the only green santa who did not get thank you's and there was a huge thread/fighting over it. It was so blown out of proportion but I think some who did not receive thank you's had their feelings hurt. Some people just want to feel validated for helping others. It does cost them money and their time. And a simple thank you goes a long way

Unfortunately that was the last year I could afford to be a green santa. I cannot wait until I get the opportunity to get involved/be a green santa again

I think most the time the gifts are extremely appreciated and the parents are extremely grateful. But, you are talking about others who have Lyme. They could have misplaced the information so they do not have the name/address to send a thank you card to.

They could keep meaning to get to it but forget (I forget everything). They could be very sick, to the point where just getting out of bed is difficult and they just do not have the energy to write/send a thank you note. Some cannot get to the post office.

A family crisis might have happened and sending a thank you is the last thing on their mind (I know all about that as my mother just passed away suddenly. I am still walking around in a daze).

Basically, you just do not know what is going on in their life/with their health

Especially considering the times/economy these days, many people are dealing with unemployment, foreclosures, no bonuses/raises, possibility of losing their job, etc, and add in Lyme disease... Some people's first priority is keeping a roof over their children's head and food in their stomach. I just feel we need to keep it all in perspective.

Now that the tables have turned for me, I am that much more grateful for the green santa program. Without it I would not be able to give my son Christmas presents.

It was hard enough to come up with the money for a new jacket and winter clothes for him this year. I cannot afford some of the therapies/treatments that could benefit him so much/have been recommended. The last thing I have money for, sadly, are Transformers and Bionicles

And this is a child who really deserves a good Christmas - he is on the autism spectrum, has an anxiety disorder, ADHD, hypotonia, motor skills and language skills deficits, social skills deficits, executive function deficits, reading deficits, etc...He has a hard time just in school and just with his peers and the kid is only 7.

So I am very thankful for the program. This program gives me the opportunity to give a little boy a great Christmas; a Christmas he deserves so so so very much

I will definitely be sending sincere, gracious and heartfelt thank you's this year but there are some people that just will not be able to send their thank you's, for whatever reason.

It is unfortunate but just know that the families are appreciative even if they forget or cannot get to the post office or accidentally lose the information, or whatever their reason is. Some do a quick post on lymenet to say thank you that are sometimes missed
Posted by Yemaya (Member # 8842) on :
Hi All,

Just wanted to chime in here. I have Lyme & Co's & so do my 11 yr old son & 6 yr old daughter via me. Year before last I participated in the giving part of Green Santa. (Because we were lucky enough to afford it.)

I did receive a beautiful thank you card although I did not expect one. (I didn't read the part asking people to send one at the time lol) It brought tears to my eyes & really lifted my spirits.

Last year due to changing circumstances we were on the receiving end. I want to tell you we were floored by the generosity of the kind souls out there.

I cannot tell you how excited my kids were & how special they felt that they had not just a Santa but a Green Santa. One who knew what they were going through with Lyme.

We did send Thank you cards & they each drew Pictures for the senders. It was the least we could do. I want to let you all know how very grateful my family is to have this program & for the generous people who support it.

May you all have a Happy Peaceful Holiday Season.

Blessings & Healing,
Posted by mtree (Member # 14305) on :
Hi Julie,

please let us know if everyone is taking care of....
do you have enough Green Santa's....?

[Smile] mtree
Posted by Julie2763 (Member # 2841) on :
I think we are ok right now. I am just waiting for 4 people to let me know that they received my message about the child I have matched them up with.

If I hear nothing from them by Monday, I will match the children up with someone else and I will post on here.

Thanks - Julie
Posted by kathy0403 (Member # 19616) on :

I got your msg and responded, but PM doesn't seem to be working correctly. Yes-I do want to participate.

Posted by Julie2763 (Member # 2841) on :
kathy - ok, but did you get my info on the family that I matched you up with and will that work for you?

Thanks - Julie
Posted by Julie2763 (Member # 2841) on :
We just had 9 more kids added to the Green Santa list. That means I need 9 medium/large presents and 9 stocking stuffers.

Any more Green Santa's out there willing to help. These are younger kids.

Posted by Anna Lee (Member # 22992) on :
Bring up
Posted by Andie333 (Member # 7370) on :
Hi, Julie!

I just logged on tonight and saw this. I'd love to be a Green Santa again. Last year, I had a little girl; how about a little boy this year?

Thanks, as always, for coordinating this.

Posted by Julie2763 (Member # 2841) on :
Thanks everyone for helping keep this thread where people will see it. Thanks Andie for your offer to help. I sent you a message.

Ho Ho Ho

Posted by Julie2763 (Member # 2841) on :

Hello Green Santa's, I know you have all been working very hard to get wonderful gifts for Operation Green Santa. Thank you for all of your help.

Packages should be shipped out in about a week.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you email me ([email protected]) or pm me and let me know that you have actually shipped.

Thank you so much for all your help making Operation Green Santa a success!!

Thanks again.

Posted by stymielymie (Member # 10044) on :
the five today will go out tomorrow or wednesday
as soon as i get the gift cards.

Posted by Julie2763 (Member # 2841) on :
Thanks elf!! You are doing a terrific job this year!

Ho Ho Ho


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