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Posted by iceskater (Member # 8655) on :
My buddy:New Jersey- approximately one hour from NYC who has had Lyme for 20+ years. Marie is very bad at the present time. She has over 20 co infections, bacteriums and viruses. Her bloodwork is so bad that one of her physicians is donating their own blood for her transfusions. Physician has also advised her that she needs to part with her 13 cats, that are indoor/outdoor. Reason: animals bring ticks in house and Marie is in a very precarious situation. Dr feels the next tick bite will come close to killing her, if it doesn't take her out completely. She is heartbroken, though understands what doctor is telling her.She does not want to take them to an SPCA, afraid that they will be put down. Does anyone know of a no-kill shelter or shelters in North to Central/ South Jersey? Thanks for the help-- Skater--
Posted by Linda09 (Member # 21892) on :
The Monmouth County SPCA is a no-kill shelter. They have relatively new facilities and run an active off-site adoption program at PetsMart.

From their web site:
"The MCSPCA is an Open Admission shelter. We do not euthanize adoptable pets. We are proud and pleased to have adopted this policy in 1999."

Posted by hshbmom (Member # 9478) on :
Hi Skater!

I buried your card around here somewhere...I've been wanting to e-mail you.

Hope you're doing well.
Posted by sammy (Member # 13952) on :
Oh, can she keep at least one or two? 13 is too much for one person to take care of. But one or two cats can be kept indoors. If the cat's don't go outside they will not bring in any bugs.

I hope that you are able to find them a good place to go. Knowing that they are well taken care of will help your friend feel better.

Good luck Skater.
Posted by JamesNYC (Member # 15793) on :
That is SOOO awful. I'm sorry to hear this, it's heartbreaking!

Is there any way she can treat them with Frontline, which will kill the ticks and the fleas, then keep them indoors permanently?

The shelters are overrun with cats, they get put down all the time. There are numerous private shelters that might help. Check out

I think she should try to figure out a way to keep the cats, for her sake psychologically, and the cats too! If she's that sick, the cats must give her great comfort.

(I would be miserable without my cats!)

Good luck.

Posted by lymeinhell (Member # 4622) on :
The local rescue groups and no kill shelters are at record high levels of cats. People have been just dumping them. It's a sin.

13 is certainly a handful. (Not sure I could keep up and I'm healthy now). Keeping them on Frontline Plus year round would work, but is an albeit expensive solution. Could you help your friend with that for the time being to reduce the anxiety of all?

Have you checked with Popcorn Park Zoo?
Posted by AliG (Member # 9734) on :

(must have a "Yes" in the "No Kill" cloumn & the Type column needs to state "cats")

I'm so sorry for your friend. That's heartbreaking. [Frown]

hugs & prayers,
[group hug]
Posted by randibear (Member # 11290) on :
it tears me up to read these stories. since i lost my baby, a chocolate lab, all animals and waht happens to me causes me to cry.

i am so sorry for your friend and her furry pals.
Posted by iceskater (Member # 8655) on :
Everyone - thank you so much for helping me help Marie. She is a dear friend that I met via several people when I first was diagnosed with lyme. She helped me through a very scary first year in 2005 when things were so bad for me. It will give her peace of mind to know that people have helped me help her and when she is ready that the kitties will be taken care of. Again, many thanks and speaking of thanks- a very Happy ( early) Thanksgiving to all. -- skater--

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