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Posted by Mister Scott (Member # 23112) on :
Any clever lawyers out there who would be willing to offer up some free advice on bringing class action lawsuits against IDSA and any other organizations that support this group's positions on Lyme Disease?

It seems to me that the only time anything ever gets done in our society is if there is some kind of financial motivation. What are the chances of getting as many Lyme sufferers together to ruffle some feathers and maybe get some forward movement on changing Lyme guidelines in North America?

Think about the following two articles that highlight potentially criminal wrongdoings at IDSA in developing Lyme guidelines. These same guidelines are the prevailing orthodoxy throughout North America. Perhaps it's time for Lyme sufferers to step up and truly bring the fight to the demagogues who consistently pander to insurance companies and other special interest groups at the expense of the health and well being of ordinary people.

ANYONE KNOW ANY GOOD LAWYERS OUT THERE? Preferably someone with firsthand knowledge of Lyme Disease?
Posted by Neil M Martin (Member # 2357) on :
See my PM

Posted by Eight Legs Bad (Member # 13680) on :
The Steerite viewpoint on Lyme, which is what is embodied in the IDSA guidelines, is essentially the US federal government's official view on Lyme. It has been handed down time again by all the major public health agencies - NIH, CDC etc..

So ultimately, it is the US government that people would have to sue.

I personally will be very surprised if IDSA admit to any wrongdoing or make any significant changes to the Guidelines. I believe the event is rigged.

Screening the review panel for financial conflicts of interest will not ensure honesty because Lyme disease is a sensitive military, biological warfare issue. Until we in the Lyme community address that, we get nowhere.

Posted by randibear (Member # 11290) on :
if they can go after bush and cheney, then in the heck can't we do something?
Posted by just don (Member # 1129) on :
Because THEIR view is the accepted right view!

Ever try to swim upstream??

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