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Posted by LymeLearned (Member # 20565) on :
What the heck, I'm putting my PM right here.

Hi SpringShowers, I'm on the brink of asking my LLMD to put me on I.V. and I hope you'll give me some insights?

I had a slow-brewing infection for years (picked up in Yosemite, ignored by Kaiser) before being bitten by the two ticks in my video. These two new bites have me in Lyme over drive, and afraid I'll die.

I keep bordering in Kidney failure, and recently, on a rare day, when I was well enough to stand outside our home for a bit as my child sledded with my neighbor's children. I turned to my friend after my daughter hadn't been seen for about five minutes. I was almost afraid to say anything, but didn't want to look like I didn't care. I said, "Where are the girls? They were just over there a minute ago". I forgot we'd given our daughters permission to go to her friend's house ahead of the mom & rest of the kids. My neighbor reminded me, but she looked me like she'd seen a ghost, and I know my memory is severely impaired.

I'm in pain and so weak that I'm rarely out of bed, much less out of the house. I know what a spirochete is capable of, and after a minimum of three bites, I'm desperate for a more aggressive approach.

Can you please tell me more about how you came to the conclusion that it was time to go to I.V. and maybe even talk with me via phone? I'll take careful notes so I don't forget what you tell me, and maybe get well enough to remember things better in the first place. I almost forgot, I'm very brittle in that if I ever miss any abx, or go to take a sort break, within 30 hours, I go straight into another UTI/Kidney infection. I've been refused care while in stage 3 renal failure (except by my LLMD) and gone itno two more crises since.

I'll be grateful for any insights. Warmest regards, Suz

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