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Posted by Sick Tick (Member # 23003) on :
I know this post probably belongs in off topic, but folks don't go there often, and I am needing an answer fairly quickly. Hope that is OK...

I have been working towards running again on a treadmill that was given to me....not meant for runners, and cannot do anything but incline. I used to work in the city and had access to professional models, but now I work at home, 10 miles from town.

I have no choice but to purchase a treadmill for home, and am hoping you can help me decide which treadmill would work for me. I ran 5K's before Lyme, and have no intention of doing anything longer in the future. I do not require lots of gadgets as I do not run programs...much simpler routines than that. I know you get what you pay for, so I am willing to spend what I have to in order to get a machine that will meet my needs. I have no need for a professional model, however, or even a top end home one, but I do not want a low end cheap one either.

My big concern is can I have repairs done without sending my machine away for weeks if something goes wrong.

I have already checked local sports stores for a used model, but have not found anything I would consider midrange in quality.

My only other parameter is that I like the wider belts. Does not have to be a fold up, as I have space.

Thanks ahead of time.....and for those of you whom I have heard from before, I am still doing run-walk as this Lyme really did kick my butt....but am up to about 15-20 minutes running and 10-15 walking, and intend to start revving it up now. My first 5K is May 8!
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
How about asking the treadmill repair technicians from the nearby gyms if they would also be able to work on any treadmill you acquire?

Sorry I can't offer specifics on machines but, with my eyes out to help keep people from overdoing it as I did - often - because I didn't know about pacing or adrenal support, etc. . . .

Curious as to how complex a case (or how many infections) you were dealing with, in searching at your post history, it seems like you've been treating about 3 1/2 months. Glad you found LLMD quickly and that it went so well in a relatively short span of time. Congratulations.

I'm assuming your LLMD has given you an exercise schedule. If not, this may be of help:

From Dr. Burrascano's Treatment Guidelines (2008) - 37 pages

Go to pages 31-32 for advice on a safe exercise plan and physical rehabilitation schedule. As infection is cleared enough for aerobics, this schedule is still a good template. Rest sessions are important.

Special attention to adrenal support when ramping up to the next level can help prevent exhaustion "pay-back" that can cause relapses. But, as a runner, you are probably well informed about ADRENAL support. It's good to continue Adrenal support, even after lyme treatment is over.

Good luck and have fun.
Posted by Sick Tick (Member # 23003) on :
Hi, Keebler!

I will definitely call a fitness center re repairs for my future treadmill....hadn't thought of that! Thanks!

I had RMSF and Lyme, treated very early fortunately, and am left with mild neuro symptoms that are thought to be inflammatory and/or nerve cell damage that will be slow to resolve. I have received much good advice from this forum on how to start slow on the exercise thing. Boy, have I taken it slow! 2 months later, I am still not at my pre-illness state of fitness...but that is fine by me!
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
Lion's Mane, a medicinal mushroom (scientific name starts with an "H") can be very helpful for nerve healing. Years ago, there was study done with this for "MS" patients and they responded very favorably. It's not a fast treatment but nourishment for the nerves which grow back very slowly, still, but stronger with the Lion's Mane (if I recall correctly). You can research that if you like.

While grueling, two months can be just a blip on the screen with lyme. So, glad you've seen good progress. I saw that you posted this past December that you had been hit hard with H1N1, too - and then another rough virus.

Whatever you body needs, regardless of time line, patience is hard but also very important. You can't grow a new brain overnight, after all. But you might want to research Lion's Mane as to how it may help the nerve fibers.
Posted by Sick Tick (Member # 23003) on :
I will certainly research the Lion's thing....hadn't heard of that one. B12 supplement is the only nerve support I am doing currently. Not sure though what my previous posts, my quick response to treatment, and my having caught the H1N1 flu have to do with my question regarding a good treadmill....? I appreciate the reminder to take it slow, and I feel like I am....excruciatingly so! But I am not going to be easily convinced that I should not do everything I am capable of to make my body strong while I can.....I am aware that I could have a relapse in the future....but for now, I want to feel good and assume that won't happen (hah!)

Still looking for responses re a treadmill...anyone?
Posted by DaveNJ (Member # 17362) on :
Sick Tick,

my saying has become somethiung is better than nothing....i am now running 2 miles every other day...not saying that you need to do that...i started walking slwoly on the treadmill...and simply went faster when i could...i know the critters hate oxcgen so i kept going...while i am not 100% well my fitness level is what it was 15 years ago....TAKE THAT LYME !!!

sorry no advice on the treadmill i go to the town gym

Posted by just don (Member # 1129) on :
For what its worth,,,

There are tons and tons of barely used treadmills for sale in the spring garage sale season.

MOST people go buy one and intend to use it,,,most end up as coat hangers and dust collectors at best.

around here there are SO many you can afford to be picky and wait for the price and quality you like,,,and they are BARELY used!!

try Craigs list where you live,,search for them on right subjects. or all for sale or wanted.

Or you can place a wanted ad also,BUT they will ask more since your 'wanting' one.

Had a coat hanger/dust collector for awhile,,bought and sold it for like 200 dollars and it had many bells and whistles,,it was FAR from a cheap model
Posted by Sick Tick (Member # 23003) on :
Thanks, DaveNJ, for the encouragement! I am determined that I am going to do this, even if it takes me months to get to where I ws prior to this dumb disease! Congratulations for keeping with it.

Just Don, what a great suggestion! Garage sales are one of my guilty pleasures anyway!

This one that was given to me has a thin belt, and I am used to wider ones. I feel like I am going to run right off it and bust my a..!
Posted by jennyflyer (Member # 12792) on :
You may want to also check out Sears or Dick's Sporting Goods or one of those joints to see if they are selling any floor models.

My friend got a nice Proform for @ 60% off retail. It was a floor model and was being discontinued, but other than a couple minor scratches was in perfect shape.
Posted by DaveNJ (Member # 17362) on :
Sick Tick,

go to youtube and search "5k Bald Lyme" and you will find me....just remember 9 months earlier i was shuffling 30 mins every other day along with vertigo. i've been knocked down a few pegs since last year but i see a few 5ks in teh near future

Posted by Sick Tick (Member # 23003) on :
Jennyflyer, that is a great suggestion!!! I found the one I want to buy at Dick's, a Sole model, but they are on back order....but they do have a floor one. Hmmmm...wonder if I can get a deal?

Davenj, I will go to your site tonight! Maybe we can be on line 5K training and encouragement buddies! I am running my first one since this dumb illness on May 8....or so I am planning. I think I saw on another post that you are having a birthday, by the way! Hope it was a good one

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