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Posted by merrygirl (Member # 12041) on :
OMG! I am surely not going to make it.

I woke up at 5 am in the most awful pain of my life. I couldnt move. Feels like I am a tin man.

I am still having trouble moving. how am I supposed to function today? I need a hot shower but need someone to watch the kiddos so i can do so safely.

I also fell asleep w/o my cpap last pm. going to be a rough day.

accupuncture at 1p i pray that it helps.
Posted by feelfit (Member # 12770) on :
good luck with the accupuncture Merrygirl. Hope that it helps you out a bit.

I had a day like you're having yesterday...couldn't even raise my left arm...had a neuro-muscular massage and could raise my arm afterwards....head pain still off the charts and muscle aches

but considerable imp. wishing the same for you!

Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
I remember being in so much pain. Couldn't imagine my future. Too scary to even think about.

I do so hope your LLMD or other dr finds the answer SOON! You need HELP!

Let us know if the acupuncture helped.

[group hug]
Posted by jennyflyer (Member # 12792) on :
Melissa, let us know how you made out with the acupuncture...
Posted by jennyflyer (Member # 12792) on :
Tutu, how did you finally get your pain issues resolved?
Posted by merrygirl (Member # 12041) on :
accupuncture helped. I nam still feeling like tin man. I just layed on my bed for an hour an couldnt move.

I really need some help. I cant live like this.

Igenex tests are pending should have results monday.
Posted by jennyflyer (Member # 12792) on :
I just get so angry about this, why can't they figure out the source of our pain and how to manage it?!

I know it's rhetorical, but it's just maddening. Everything else they have figured out, they find the most obscure organisms in the world and learn how to manage them.

But not Lyme. I don't get it.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Originally posted by jennyflyer:
[QB] Tutu, how did you finally get your pain issues resolved?

Well... just successful treatment did it. Eating gluten free removed a lot of pain as well... and that came two yrs after being off abx.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Merrygirl.. have you hit babesia really hard at one point in time?
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Merry... also try the nightshade diet... the two diets combined MAY drop your pain from an 11 to a 9... would be small progress... but progress?

Try avoiding:

peppers, pepper
white potatoes
spices in general

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Posted by sunshine32274 (Member # 24771) on :
Hope tomorrow is a better day:-)

I haven't even got in the shower today..but I took one last night..NO ENERGY TO MUCH PAIN.

Let me know how acupuncture works??
Posted by merrygirl (Member # 12041) on :
hi guys,

accupuncture helped. but only for my neck. I am serioulsy having problems.

I treated babesia for 8-9 months.

I SHOULD get my igenex results tomorrow. if I dont I will scream.
Posted by Pinelady (Member # 18524) on :
Oh man going without the cpap is scary.

Is there someone who can make sure you get it before bed?

I know a woman who was in hosp for leg surgery. They did not inform her that it was to not be

forgotten and she died in her sleep in the hospital without it.

If you have been on it for any length of time-it requires weaning to get off. It should not be

just stopped. My husband was on one for a while for severe apnea from low thyroid. As soon as he

got it up he weaned himself off and has not needed it since. Knock on wood.

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Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
I sure hope you get the results soon soon soon!!!!

Babesia took me more than 3 yrs of cycled treatment to beat it.
Posted by TerryK (Member # 8552) on :
Merrygirl - I'm so sorry you are having so much pain. I can relate. I had 9 long years of all over body pain. Before that I had lots of pain but just not the whole body pain.

IM ceftriaxone brought my pain down by 70%. Not immediately but 3-4 months in. 6 months after going off the pain started to come back and I finally figured out that inflammation was the main issue. I need many anti-inflammatory herbs/supplements in order to keep it under control.

I hope you can get some relief very soon. I know how hopeless it can seem but hang in there because it does get better.

I'm not a doctor
Posted by merrygirl (Member # 12041) on :
thank you for the support. the last 2 days have been slightly better pain wise. I havent cried for 2 whole days! yippee!

Terry- how many mls of ceftriaxone did you give IM? was it everyday? what inj sites did you use?

This may be another alternative to orals. I had 1 rocephin inj at the docs and it barely hurt.
I could do that maybe.

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