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Posted by Faith6 (Member # 14072) on :
I'm trying to improve my hygiene products.

What do you use for skin/hair care that is nontoxic or low toxic?

As I'm checking products on the Skin Deep website, many of the ones I have bought at the health food store are as bad or worse than the normal store brands.

I'm especially looking for facial products and hairspray.
Posted by elley0531 (Member # 9434) on :
Dr. Bronner's magic soap is great for overall body wash.

for a moisturizer I just use jojoba oil.
Posted by Larkspur (Member # 5131) on :
I use Morrocco method shampoos and conditioners

Kiss my face olive oil bar soap

Here is a website where you can by samples of lots of nontoxic beauty/ skin/hair products to see if you like before you buy full size:
Posted by sick_of_ticks (Member # 25314) on :
There's a new company from RI called Ava Anderson Non Toxic that was just started in December. There's a full skin care line out now, and cosmetics, bath and body, men's, and baby lines are all in the works. So, she doesn't have hairspray yet, but she's got your face covered! (with non-toxic stuff, of course!)

I use Burt's Bees sugar beet shampoo and conditioner cause they're kind of inexpensive and fairly low on the scale. And I use Dr. Bronner's soaps, too. (But you can use Ava's cleanser as a hand soap or body wash)

I became a consultant after checking out other products on the skin deep database... everything I was using was junk! Here's the website:
Posted by Faith6 (Member # 14072) on :
Thanks all!

Sick of ticks, The Ava Anderson products look like what I'm looking for - thanks!
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Xango's new line of skin care, including shampoo, body wash and lotion is all toxin-free.
Posted by Marnie (Member # 773) on :
Dermatologists recommend Dove soap (get the sensitive skin kind).

It is closest to our own skin pH which is important.

It has the added benefit of not causing so much soap scum on shower walls.

Great link to figuring out which products are safe:

BTW...if you need to "wake up" peppermint scented soaps help (castile). If you want to fall asleep...lavender.

When on a cruise ship, they supplied a wonderful peppermint soap to use. I wondered why (at first). All those shore excursions and things to do after = tired. Need to wake up fast to get going the next morning! It really worked. Amazing.
Posted by Faith6 (Member # 14072) on :
Now I'm confused again... One of the ingredients in one of the Ava Anderson products is sodium cocoyl glutamate which looks to be a wheat protein. Not good if you are gluten free???
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
Some celiacs need to avoid personal care products that contain wheat. Some seem to do okay with it. I have genetic celiac and I do okay with it but I do try to avoid it. First, I avoid PETROLEUM, though. It's in so much stuff we put on our skin or inhale.

A mouse or hair lotion is better than a spray - so that you don't inhale. It is impossible to not inhale and any spray, even one that is "natural" does not belong in our lungs. Same with "spray tans" - I see a spike in lung disease around the corner from that dangerous fad.

It is best to avoid ALL petroleum products in your personal care products.

One brand that has no petroleum is AVALON Organics. Search at
Posted by Faith6 (Member # 14072) on :
Kebbler, That's interesting that you are a celiac and able to use products that do contain wheat. I'm trying to avoid as many things as possible and hopefully put less stress on my body.

I just called my LLMD's office and was given a website... It has tons of info on products, both cleaning and hygiene. I'm still amazed at the products that seem good, but actually are not very good.
Posted by sixgoofykids (Member # 11141) on :
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Posted by kam (Member # 3410) on :
Good post. I have tried some shampoo's and shower wash from vitacost and have yet to find one that I will purchase a second time.

Trying to also find a hand lotion.

I have found a toothpaste that I like.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
AVALON Organics also makes a petroleum free hand and body lotion with essential oil of lemon. Nothing fake. It is very nice, indeed.

Baking soda can work well as a toothpaste, but let it dissolve a bit on a wet brush first so that it does not wear down tooth enamel with it's grit. When dissolved, it's fine, according to my dentist.

It's all I've used for years. Great price, too.
Posted by riverspirit (Member # 19435) on :

I use Dr. Bronner's liquid lavender soap in the shower.
Hair conditioner and shampoo: Beauty Without Cruelty Products....not too expensive and i really like them.

Face cremes....there are several i of them is a Beauty Without Cruelty serum. Mostly i use herbalist friend's products that have absolutely no chemicals.

Thanks for asking!
Posted by Faith6 (Member # 14072) on :
Great ideas everyone! Now I need to go shopping....
Posted by Faith6 (Member # 14072) on :
When at the health food store yesterday I asked about the toiletries. He seemed very surprised that I would want low toxic items. I thought that's what they are all about!

The items that have been mentioned were not available. I finally was steered to Aubrey Organics facial products. They look to be all natural and organic... now to see how they work!

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