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Posted by kellephant (Member # 24885) on :
not trying to be nosey... i just really need advice! feel free to reply privately through PM [Smile]

how do those of you who don't work afford treatment?

my husband and i are in our early twenties, and i haven't been able to work for 2 years now.

i can't afford all the meds i'm supposed to be on, and even going to doctors on my insurance is expensive!

i'm not complaining, i'm sure i'm not alone... which is why i want advice!

i don't really own anything valuable... otherwise i would sell it. i DID have to sell a gift from my late grandfather to be able to afford some of my prescriptions though [Frown]

what can i do to make some extra money? we already have no cable, just one vehicle, only one phone on the cheapest plan, and we don't buy anything extra...

i just don't know what to do! there are several tests i need to have done when i see the doctor in august, but i don't know how we'll come up with the money in time.

i thought about donating my plasma, but i don't want to make anyone else sick!

and i refuse to go back to work feeling like this. last time i honestly thought it was going to kill me. i think i feel better not working and not getting all the medical attention i need, than i feel working so that i can afford medical care. i NEVER want to feel like that EVER again.

anyway, if you have any ideas please PM me! [loco]
Posted by NanaB (Member # 26227) on :
I don't know what your income level is. If you can get a doctor to go to bat for you and claim you are disabled you may be able to qualify for social security disability income (SSDI).

Social Security always denies everyone the first time they apply - no matter how disabled they are and how much proof they provide of their disability. You'll have to ask around to find a good attorney who will fight your case when it is denied.

Once SSDI is approved they have to give you backpay to the time you applied. For my stepdad who went totally deaf, this amounted to tens of thousands by the time they won.

Find an attorney who will not charge you until they win your case for you. I personally know two people who were totally disabled, were denied, hired good lawyers who then won their cases.

I tried applying for SSDI and was turned down on the basis that my husband made too much money. I think that's a sham. I'm seeing my LLMD tomorrow and ask him to go to bat for me, then will find an attorney and ask them if this is the case or if social security is just lying to me. If they are I'm getting myself an attorney.
Posted by kellephant (Member # 24885) on :
so the first step is finding a doctor who actually believes i'm disabled... *sigh*

goodluck tomorrow!

i wish they wouldn't make everything so complicated... we're already sick and confused... it shouldn't be so hard!
Posted by sammy (Member # 13952) on :
Sending a PM
Posted by sixgoofykids (Member # 11141) on :
moving to general support
Posted by kellephant (Member # 24885) on :
whoops, i'm sorry... i didn't even realize there were other boards here! i had the medical forum bookmarked and always just went straight there!
Posted by keltyl (Member # 14050) on :
At least in NY, your assets and spouses income has nothing to do with SSDI. SSI does.

I was approved in less than 3 mos for SSDI with no lawyer.
Posted by MamaBear11 (Member # 25116) on :
To the original poster: I am in the exact same sinking boat, except mine has two young children in it. We also have one vehicle, the most basic cell phone for emergencies when I'm out with the kids, I clip coupons and make meals from scratch. I haven't been able to go back to work since I got laid off from my job two years ago.

So we're living off of one income, living beyond paycheck to paycheck, no savings at all and nowhere else to cut back. We literally have no way for me to get treatement unless it's free. I have no idea what I'm going to do.

I will be following this thread closely. Please feel free to PM me with any other helpful info you may be given! Thanks and gentle hugs to you.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :

Suggestions for When You Need Treatment and Funds Are Low


Resources for Disability, Insurance, Dealing with HMOs

Posted by kellephant (Member # 24885) on :

definitely check out the link keebler posted... i originally posted this on the medical board, and didn't see the other thread until later. there's a lot of good information in there!

i am sorry you are in the same boat and have children to take care of on top of it [Frown] i wish none of us were in this position, but reading other people's stories makes me feel like i'm not alone!
Posted by sammy (Member # 13952) on :
MamaBear, have you looked into any kind of community/county resources? With 2 kids and one income you may qualify for some utilities, rent, and or food assistance.
Posted by MamaBear11 (Member # 25116) on :
We're in the process of moving, so once we're settled in I will be applying for assistance. I hate asking for help, but with two kids my husband and I have to suck it up and do it. Thanks for all of the suggestions!
Posted by minerva (Member # 20410) on :
so appreciate wanting to make it on your own. its been so hard for me not to work or having to ask for help.

but ya gotta.

i just got disablity. it can take awhile. apply now. it is NOT based on your income or your husbands it is based on how much you have paid into social security and your disablity.

get a lawyer if you are disabled from lyme. let the lawyer deal with all the headaches.

you have to apply first and get denied before you can go to a lawyer

call your local foodbank.

you can get medical tests online. direct labs without a doctor. they have a special every month that may have what you need in it. very reasonable compared to going via a doc.

there are people here who are getting thier meds online or go to mexico, i am sure they could help you with that if you wanted.

call prescritption assistance and they can see if they have any help for the meds you are on.

i am waiting for a discount card and i am getting my oxycotin for free via the company itself.
you could try to treat without meds and go herbal which is cheaper.

i have to say, that i am pretty tired of how much these folks charge and how we defend them in their expense.

i get the risks they are taking and i appreciate that they work hard and need more education then others but not only the rich get this. no one needs to charge 3-9 dollars per minute.

sorry, it makes my blood boil that on top of trying to survive this nightmare disease one has to decide to pay your rent or the doctor. makes me bananas.

i wish you the best and hang in there. there is support and even small things can help.

if you have dependents there are more options so take them. the money stress won't help you heal. take care
Posted by Joyful (Member # 25620) on :
When I had to quite work I started my own pet sitting business. I couldn't work 8 to 10 hours a day in a medical was just too hard. But I COULD do something like pet sitting where I made my own hours. I could take on as many or as few clients as I felt I could handle. It really was helpful and I could afford my meds with just my income from the pet sitting.

Are you creative or crafty? What about selling things you cook or make? Are you into photography?

I think it's a really good idea for us to do what we can...even if it's unconventional and just a little at a time. [group hug]
Posted by kellephant (Member # 24885) on :
a few years ago i TRIED to start pet sitting, but it never took off... now i have 3 dogs of my own, and my landlord would KILL me if i had any more here.

i am creative and enjoy taking pictures, but i seriously don't think anyone would give me money for them.

thanks for the suggestions, i'm looking online for odd jobs right now.

i will figure SOMETHING out...

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