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Posted by MamaBear11 (Member # 25116) on :
I would really like to keep track of my symptoms and medications in some sort of online tracker. So far I have found MedHelp and Lymelog. There are features about both that I like, but also some about both that I dislike.

MedHelp is my favorite; I love the graphs it produces for some of the trackers (pain/fatigue). My biggest complaint though is that while I can check off "antibiotics" I can't find a way for the specific meds and dosages to appear on the tracker.

Lymelog lets me put in the different meds and dosages, but I can't find a way to show a good, all-inclusive graph. Also, it looks like to save or print it, it's just in a text format that scrolls vertically from day to day. Definitely not ideal for bringing to my LLMD appointments to view my progress.

Do any of you have experience with either of these trackers? Or can you recommend others? A microsoft spreadsheet won't work for me because I'm using an iPad. Thanks!

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