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Posted by Got Lyme? (Member # 11109) on :
Yesterday a friend stopped by my house for a quick visit.

She was sitting on a bench in my kitchen while we were chatting.

All of a sudden she leaned forward and toppled onto the floor on her side a started having a seizure!!

I was calling out her name and she was trying to talk to me but her words were incoherant.

I called 911 and after what seemed like 10 minutes but was probably only 30 seconds to 1 minute she was fine and asking what happened.

This woman is 62 years old with not a single health issue.

At the ER all the tests were done and they determined that the top portion of her heart was not pumping correctly.

They were going to keep her overnight and have a cardiologist see her.

The quacky ER doctor told her that she will need to have a pacemaker!

When the cardiologist saw her his first question was, "Have you been bit by a tick?"

About a month and a half ago she was in Utah (we are in CT) for over three weeks and she found a ring on her body.

The Utah doctor told her it was a spider bite and nothing needed to be done.

She said that the past couple of days she felt like she was coming down with the flu and in the am she felt lightheaded.

The cardiologist immediately put her on IV Rochephin and Doxy and sent for lyme tests.

We are hoping that the tests come back postiive so they won't take her off the meds.

We'll see if the "gem" cardiologist becomes a quack.

Even if the tests come back positive I wonder how long he will keep her on the antibiotics?

By 7pm last night the heart monitor was showing they need more proof?

I'm so glad that my friend decided to stop at my house when she did otherwise she would have been driving when the seizure hit!
Posted by 17hens (Member # 23747) on :
Wow, what a story!

Thanks for sharing that, Margaret!

I hope all goes smoothly for your friend so that she can regain her health quickly.

And I hope she is surrounded by gems and not ducks!
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Wow!! Amazing how God works!!

In defense of the drs in the ER.. she may have gone into A-fib and those with A-fib usually end up with a pacemaker, sooner or later.

Hard to believe that a cardiologist would be so smart and so willing to do the right thing.

We'll pray for a positive test! ( that will be hard to accomplish since this is a recent bite)
Posted by Carol in PA (Member # 5338) on :
Low magnesium can cause cardiac irregularities and seizures.

The Lyme bacteria use up the magnesium in our cells, and low mag causes ALL KINDS of problems.

Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
An IV of magnesium in the E.R. should have been done.
Posted by TN Kim (Member # 26729) on :
Now that is a blessing in disguise!!!
Posted by Got Lyme? (Member # 11109) on :
Update: The test came back positive for lyme and babs! If only we could all be so fortunate.
She should be getting out of the hospital today as long as they can get a pic line in for her and she will be getting 28 days of Rochephin.......wish it was way longer.

Another friend of mine went to the ER (different hospital) last week with an ongoing 105 temp.
They immediately suspected lyme and put her on 21 days of doxy........seems like they are diagnosing better but have a long way to go on treatment!
Posted by LightAtTheEnd (Member # 24065) on :
That's fantastic that she found out what she has and got positive tests back.

She needs to find an LLMD right away so she can continue on the right treatment and get well quickly.
Posted by janet thomas (Member # 7122) on :
A temp of 105 sounds more like Babs than Lyme.

Does it alternate with chills?
Posted by Got Lyme? (Member # 11109) on :
The friend with the 105 temp has now been on Doxy for 5 days.

Although the temp is almost normal and the flu pain is less she is having horrible sweats.

I don't know if she was having chills at the time of the high fever.

For my friend with lyme and babs in her heart, I don't know if there is an LLMD in CT that can give IV treatments.

I know that she will need more than a month!

Please PM me with any suggestions.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
I hope they are on probiotics and also liver support. Liver support will help decrease the sweating. It's likely a herx reaction, toxic overload, etc.

Organic vegetable juices would be good, too. Flax seed meal, as well, to help move toxins on out.

IV Magnesium (with Methyl B-12 and B-complex added to that, maybe also Taurine) -- and IV Glutathione should also be considered.

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Posted by Robin123 (Member # 9197) on :
Good that these ER docs are beginning to catch on! Thx for helping your friend, GotLyme -

Question: I thought a very high temperature can also indicate ehrlichia?

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