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Posted by John S (Member # 19756) on :
I keep seeing ads on the new TV's at the gas stations, you know the annoying ones on the pumps, and they constantly have an ad asking you to bring your kids to the forest to experience your other you.

Man, if they only knew. It makes me sick to see these ads.
Posted by steve1906 (Member # 16206) on :
If I were to bring my kids to the forest they'd have boots and snow suits on, summer, winter, fall... The hell with experiencing your other you - We got enough problems!
Posted by John S (Member # 19756) on :
I see bringing your kids to the woods now, the same as leaving your kids on the railroad tracks.
Posted by IMHisda (Member # 6998) on :
Seriously- every time I see an ad with people running in grass barefoot I get so angry!!
Posted by RESOLVED. (Member # 24991) on :
So glad to know that I'm not the only one who thinks about ticks when I see a picture of people strolling through the woods. Call me paranoid, I don't care; spend 5 minutes with Lyme and Cos and you wouldn't like the woods much either!!

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