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Posted by Tammy N. (Member # 26835) on :

I'm looking for an excellent water filtration/purification system. The more you look into it, the more your head spins.

I do not want a distiller (takes out all minerals), nor do I want a reverse osmosis (takes out most minerals). I had issues with potassium years ago. Doctor explained that your body needs minerals in order to digest/utilize the water and if you are drinking water that is void of these minerals it actually leeches it from your own system. Did you know that?!?!

Anyway, I am not happy with our municipal water and want to do something more than just my Brita pitcher.

Thanks for your thoughts.
Posted by Tammy N. (Member # 26835) on :
Water is so vital to us. I think this is an important part of our healing.
Posted by linky123 (Member # 19974) on :
Tammy N.

I would like to know too. We have so much chlorine in ours, you can smell it when it comes out of the faucet. I guess taking a shower in it is supposed to be equal to drinking 6 glassess of it. The Brita takes some of it out.

We'd also like to get the flouride out of ours. It's supposed to be very toxic.

We've stopped flouride tx at the dentist and used non-flouride toothpaste for several years now. The result: less cavities than before. In fact, my son who was very cavity-prone had no cavities when we took off his braces.

I have also looked at the different filtration systems and just give up because it's so frustrating to separate fact from fiction.
Posted by Tammy N. (Member # 26835) on :
It's funny, I'm suprised at how everyone is looking past this post...... yet I think water is one of THE MOST IMPORTANT things we consume on a daily basis. I think it's of paramount importance to our health.

Regarding showering - I use an Aquasana attachment that has a large carbon filter.

I am continuing research on my own ( although it's tiring, overwhelming, confusing and complicated). I will post something if I think I've found an excellent system.

Be well,
Posted by linky123 (Member # 19974) on :
Thanks. I saw the Aquassna and wondered if it was a good one. Nice to know you like it. I'll pass along anything I find as well.

Have you done a search yet on lymenet? There may be some posts about it. I just haven't had a chance to look.
Posted by sk8ter (Member # 8671) on :
I just had someone from Lifesource Water come today to give me info on a whole house system. They use coconut carbon, leaves minerals in, but only takes 40% of Flouride out.

I have some skin issues with coconut carbons so we use Wellness Water on our shower and looking into their under the sink system as well as their whole house.

Don't know if it takes out fluoride but it does take out Chloramines which is worst than Chlorine that we have. Hope this helps.
Posted by Ivy (Member # 18365) on :
I am on the same search! I agree it is totally overwhelming and confusing.

What I don't get is why most people (including docs) have reverse osmosis and do not replace the minerals. I feel like I am missing something for not wanting reverse osmosis since I feel in the minority.

I will tell you what I did find through a book I was reading about a raw vegan diet. The system is called Tensui but it is very expensive.

Whole house filters are about 10 - 16 thousand dollars and a under the counter filter around 1600+ plus plumbing costs.

This filter replaces minerals and I think it originates from Japan which seems to be the leader in water filtration from what I can see so far. The company is in New York.

I am just afraid to make this commitment so far without continuing my research.
Posted by Tammy N. (Member # 26835) on :
Ivy - I will look into Tensui. Thank you.

So far I think Kangen looks impressive, from Japan (expensive though). You may want to check it out. There are also some great youtube videos on it.

My doc recommended a Nikken system. A lot less costly. After purification the water sits in a tank with coral (that replaces minerals).

Like you, I want to be really sure of my choice before making the investment.

Let's stay in touch to try to figure this thing out.

Have a beautiful day,
Posted by LabRat (Member # 78) on :
I ``useta'', as we say in Texas be in the water business back around 1989 and at that time I taught myself a little about water and there is quite a bit to know. I figured out that if you live in the country you would be safer to forgo a RO unit and invest in a distiller. Well water is usually known to be good or bad depending on the area and what the history of that area is, such as feedlots, oil exploration, or the storage of chemicals ect.

City water is pretty well maintain and safe but the taste or smell can put some folks off. Water is a solvent and as such you can do anything you want to it and then turn around and clean it to regal quality.

With the high quality of municipal water supplies, usually all most people want is to smooth the taste and rid the chemical odor. All that's needed is a point of use carbon filter, not a whole house filter because you want those chemicals in the water until your ready to use it, otherwise you'll have germs invading your water system. You can filter your shower water if you want also.

In my house I start with a water softener to condition the city water. This leaves a trace of salt in the water and I use this water for showering and cooking. I have a RO in the kitchen that supplies water to my ice maker and drinking water. I have a distiller that I use to make ice tea and supply drinking water for my motor home.

I have used carbon shower filters in the past but not any more and for no particular reason. You can make an argument for anything depending on your current thinking. From a salesman's point of view, the body's skin is it's single largest organ and exposing it to the chemicals in the water that could be absorbed through and thus you need to buy my product! On the other hand, you bath to get clean of grime, grunge and germs, so maybe the chlorine is helping in that regard.

In the end it's like a fat gal once told me. ``If you think you have a weight problem, you probably have a weight problem but if you don't think you have a weight problem, you probably don't have a weight problem''.
Posted by jlp38 (Member # 27221) on : has a great article that tells you what to look for
Posted by Sheryl777 (Member # 17804) on :
My friend who does a lot of research got a Berkey. You are absolutely right to not want minerals removed unless you replace them with Willard Water or something similar.
Posted by Forgetfulgirl123 (Member # 27939) on :
I have reverse osmosis and love it (it's what my doctor recommends as well) and he said that I don't need to worry about replacing minerals since we get most from our food anyway.

I'm kind of worried about this though because I have a lot of issues with blood pressure, heart rate, digestive motility...I just wonder if I'm making my own issues worse by dehydrating myself.

Any other opinions on that?

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