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Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
This is from a newsletter I get from UOS. I can't quite locate this on their site but wanted to share the good news:

UNDER OUR SKIN continues its steady pulse across the globe, with regular screenings and steady sales of DVDs. It has also been distributed to television networks in Japan, Scandinavia, and Canada.

And we expect to share some good news soon about a U.S. television premiere next year!

The film has also just been selected by a major digital distributor, who will release the film on VOD (video on demand) to cable service providers across the country.

In addition, UNDER OUR SKIN will become available for digital streaming on Amazon, iTunes, Netflix, and other internet portals. This will exponentially increase the film's reach, making it accessible and affordable to millions--and making it easier to share with friends.

Stay tuned and we'll let you know about these important release dates coming up at the beginning of next year!


UNDER OUR SKIN - main site
Posted by LymeXtu (Member # 24590) on :
Keebler - Good news !!

Thanks for sharing this info.
Posted by jenn (Member # 21687) on :
I have my on request from Netflix....still waiting! But that's great news!!
Posted by littlebit27 (Member # 24477) on :
That is great news. It was an expensive film to buy so it would be great if it could be bought, or watched for less or nothing at all.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :

See if you local lyme support group has a copy to loan. Some libraries also have it.

It was an very expensive film to make (not compared to Hollywood but there certainly are costs to any good documentary) and the film crew went for a couple years with no paycheck. I do hope they find some corporate funding (with their expanded viewing options) so that more who are not able to manage the cost can see it.

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