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Posted by Lenire (Member # 26766) on :
please call me or email me if you have a had a really difficult time treating and found a doc who is open minded and picks up on other things that might be causing treatment to not work. And you have gotten better or cured.

IM getting desperate. Im very sick, its hard for me to research this and the docs.
Ive been to 5 doc this year. And tried multiple differnt abxs. I was undiagnosed since i was 17 and im 28 now. I have like 5 co infections.

Most convient locations for me atm, are; any where near RI (nyc, mass), or anywhere near Virginia beach (nc, maryland). I will try and go anywhere neccessary. I am financially strapped on medicare but doesnt mean i dont want to know what my goal would be.

I have the lists but not enough expiences on them for me to decide. And its so overwhelming i dont know which one would fit me.....Really need some advice and personal expience with success and comfort levels.

I feel like im dying. I might need iv, i might not be able to tolerate the treatment due to not detoxing properly in my liver... Im not sure. Currently on zitro and mepron, but bearly handleing it and it been almost 2 months. cant keep this up.

My number is 1 781 690 1610. It means so much to hear someone's expiernce and advice vs an email but if you too sick to call please write.
Posted by steve1906 (Member # 16206) on :
Hi Leire, I called you today around 9:20am, no ans. I'll try again later in the day.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
I hope you find the answers - and the LLMD - to help. Good luck.
Posted by Lenire (Member # 26766) on :
Steve 1906 said maybe i should re write the area.

yes the ri, virginia area are comfortable.
But im willing to fly, nyc? Nh? NJ?

Anyone who has been sick for a long time untreated with co infections who has has a really good success and expeirnce with a lyme doc. who possibly takes medicare but still want to know if they dont.. [Smile]
Posted by missing (Member # 22437) on :
I am sorry that you are having such a difficult time.

It can take a long time before you will start to feel well again.

I wasn't sure what you didn't like about your other LLMD's?

You said that you have already seen 5 LLMD's this year.

I have seen only one LLMD this past year.

I am really struggling. I am in lots of pain, and feel very sick and tired every day.

I am under the impression that really good success with a LLMD takes time.

I know at first I thought that I would be better in a month. When I wasn't , it was devastatin.
Then I thought that I would be better in 6 months, then maybe a year.

Well, now a year has past and we've made little progress.

I think that some LLMD's are hesistant to prescribe I.V.'s because it can be so damaging to our bodies.

I am on Mepron and Zithro and it makes me feel like crap! That is the norm.

I stuck with that combo, now for 7 months, then they added a couple more meds in the last 3 months.

It is very slow going.

I don't think my LLMD takes medicare.

[kiss] [group hug] [kiss] [group hug]

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