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Posted by penguingirl (Member # 28688) on :
I keep dreaming of french fries..

I want salt non stop.

My gluten free soy sauce is just not salty enough.

I guess something is making me want salt.. I am drinking lots of water too but somehow craving salt!!

Has this happened to anyone?

I also started taking chlorella last night and today but not sure if that's related..
Posted by Hoosiers51 (Member # 15759) on :
if your blood pressure isn't high, and you aren't salt sensitive, you could try doing 1/4 tsp of salt in some water, first thing in the morning. Or perhaps more, if you can tolerate it. Salt can be risky for some people. So just be informed on the risks, etc. I am fine with plenty of salt. I use sea salt.

It supports the adrenals, and helps combat the effects of dysautonomia or things like blood pressure that isn't regulating itself properly (like if you feel lightheaded upon standing, etc).

Or you could try an electrolyte supplement, like Electromix (google it).
Posted by lou (Member # 81) on :
Some people need salt.
Posted by steve1906 (Member # 16206) on :
You can start with this web-site>
Posted by sapphire101 (Member # 6638) on :
My sodium is very low. I've been trying to get it up to a normal range for a while now. This has been through my dr.I got a call yesterday to
increase my salt tabs again.

It's checked 2 times a week so you might want to have it checked as if it gets too low it can be dangerous.

I am not allowed water, I only drink stuff like gatorade or powerade zero. yes, it has artificial sweetner in it but the doc knows that. I guess that's the best of the 2 evils, sugar or art. sweetner.

Please have this checked out with your dr. It could be normal and you are just craving salt. I never crave it and mine is low.

Posted by amberini (Member # 21281) on :
Posted by jkmom (Member # 14004) on :
My daughter craves salt. She has tachycardia and POTS so I took her to a cardiologist. The cardiologist didn't have much to offer, but did say she could have as much salt as she wanted.
Posted by TerryK (Member # 8552) on :
I used to crave salt when I was having trouble maintaining by blood pressure upon standing. It would drop and my pulse would go up.

Do you ever feel dizzy when you stand up? Do you ever notice that your legs and feet are mottled or bluish/purple when standing or even sitting with your legs dangling? Do you have trouble being in warm termeratures or a warm shower?

Salt expands the blood volume which would help keep blood pressure up.

A tilt table test is often used to determine if ones blood pressure drops upon standing. This seems to be a common issue in lyme and CFIDS patients.

After specialized testing, it turned out that I had a low blood volume due to low red blood cell mass. There was a small study done years ago that determined that many (in the small study group) of CFIDS patients had similar results.

Babesia bursts red blood cells. There are probably other TBI's that effect red blood cells. I don't know for sure that babs was the problem for me but I found that my autonomic nervous system issues improved a lot with babs treatment.

I would get a home blood pressure cuff and take my pulse and blood pressure on standing. Record it. You may need to stand still for 20 minutes before it drops. I did initially but eventually it dropped much sooner. Don't move your legs around as this will help bring up blood pressure. If you find abnormal results, take it to your doctor and ask for a tilt table test. There is treatment for this.

I'm not a doctor
Posted by sapphire101 (Member # 6638) on :
I also have POTS and the salt does help that, too. So different things can cause it.


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