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Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Here we go!!! Another week gone by!! Doubt I'll get any exercise this week either. Trying to do what I can around the house and it isn't much!! [bonk]

Posted by kam (Member # 3410) on :
Be gentle with yourself Tutu. Things will improve and you will be up and about again.

Thanks for starting this week's thread.

Day 20 of being able to do the 10 min loop in the forest.

Able to clean up in the kitchen a bit and start dishwasher. I have both sinks filled with dishes that are soaking also.

Able to put away some of the laundry. STill have more to fold and put away.

Able to put a few things on the free table to declutter.

Able to get the curtains back up in the den.

Most likely will need to lay here some and then get up get some breakfast, take meds adn supplements and veg.

A friend is coming from CA this evening. HOping I can do more before she gets here.

Kind of catch 22. Need to rest so I am able to do things once she is here.

But, also need to declutter things and do what I can to clean a bit.

Hoping she drives me out of dodge. It has been a long time since I have gone further than 3 miles out of town.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
My list is beginning to sound like yours, kam!! I just did a little dusting.

Got my breakfast. Need to wash a few dishes. For now, back to bed.
Posted by lpkayak (Member # 5230) on :
well-i didnt really get out of bed til noon and it was 2 b4 i got my meds in but i did manage to drive a mile to fax some impt papers about the camper and then i took etta for a walk on the way back. there is a nice flat park where i used to walk kris and this is the first time in 2 months i have gotten there.

etta loved it. this city-berlin nh is known as the city that trees built and etta is in heaven with so many leaves to chase...her first months in jersey there was way more pavement than trees!

i also picked up a few groceries and i am resting now cuz i know i should go down and pick the garden. i'll have to drive to my back yard...its too steep to walk up the hill now on this leg
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
What happened to your leg, kayak??

I managed to wash some sheets. I was so bad last week that I couldn't even open the door to the dryer. Today I couldn't get the sheets off the bed, so hubby did that.

I'm so pathetic, but I think I'm finally improving! I'm doing traction now and that is helping my neck. Now to get my back to lighten up!!!
Posted by tdtid (Member # 10276) on :
I've actually started walking with my daughter after she gets home from work which has helped keep me motivated. It seems to make such a big difference if we have someone that will join us, but I know that sadly, that isn't always the case.

KAM, I saw in medical that someone had tried to reach you with some information. I did respond to it to bring it up to the top. Hopefully you will be able to find it.

Lpkayak, I see you have been going through a rough time. I hate those slumps and hope you can get back up and feeling better soon.

Lymetoo, I know those times when we have trouble getting sheets on or off a bed. We have a bed in the house that just seems so heavy and worse than most when I'm struggling. I do hope you feel better soon.

Posted by lpkayak (Member # 5230) on :
i wanna dance with tigger like that...

i havent been able to take fitted sheets off the bed or put them on for yrs

i just use all top sheets now

i wrote it on here somewhere tute---i was mowing the lawn and i tried to push the mower up a bank and i guess i pulled my left was sort of a snap-but didnt hurt until after i went to bed

then it got worse and worse all night

anyway-the neurontins finallly wore off and i dont feel woozy and i also dont feel pain so hope that keeps up. i go to barn tomorrow for 3 days...4 lessons

after i walked the dog today i ended up picking the gardern and i know this is dumb but i transplanted some sad little cukubers that never were happy where they were planted --it was more digging and bending etc than i planned but must have burned a few calories

anyway-i'll be offline til fri i think-see ya then
Posted by ESG (Member # 4816) on :
cool weather today means my daughter & I went for a walk this evening (1 mile, gentle slopes)

I went swimming at the Y: for years I could not even do that (or anything); we are lucky to have a Y ten minutes away. It is so much easier to exercise in a pool than on land!
Posted by kam (Member # 3410) on :
ESG..sounds like a very good day.

Hot, hot, hot here. Ugh.

But, I did do the 10 min loop in the forest and I was able to get gas in the car.
Posted by ESG (Member # 4816) on :
kam - you are doing what I used to do, mine was a 5 minute loop in the woods out back, which I could repeat depending on how I felt & I was never far from the house.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
UGH... I hope I don't have to go to flat sheets only. Dang.

Welcome back, Cathy and good to see ESG here! [Cool]

It's supposed to be 104 tomorrow.. then down to 88 the next day... hope that is the last day over 100 for this summer!
Posted by penguingirl (Member # 28688) on :
I went to my PT session this morning - 10 min late. It was a 45 min appt and she said she would only be able to see me for 15 min so not worth it for me, but I was confused thinking 45 min - 10 min does not equal 15 min. Anyway I was too tired to argue and deal with conflict. And they said I to reschedule per their policy. GRRR. Don't they know how much energy it takes out of me to GET there in the first place? Anyway so I got some exercise walking to the train stations and back.

Been doing leg raises as told and now my LLMD wants me to start using weights. Not sure how I will do that with a picc line but maybe I can buy some ankle straps that have weighted bags and walk around ths house in that, haha.

Kam - glad you can continue to do your loop.

ESG - pool sounds refreshing now!

Tutu - try to stay cool - I can't imagine suriving through 104. Hopefully you can be near some AC. And take it easy with housework until your neck feels better!
Posted by kam (Member # 3410) on :
No loop in the forest this am. A friend is visiting and I am conserving energy.

We most likely will go out this evening.

We went to the indian ruins yesterday evening...I just walked to the picnic table and then went back to the car and laid down while she walked her dogs.

Then, we went to the 1st creek crossing. Her new dog is new to creek crossings. It was funny watching her cross the creek.

I am learning I Need to keep my peltor ear muffs on while she is here. Brain can't handle the conversation for the most part...and she likes to talk to her dogs a lot which is too much for my brain.

I use to be OK with it when she had the one dog and enjoyed it. But, this time it is too much for me...mabye because of double dogs??

I also learned I need to drive. I was OK with her driving before. But, now, it is not working.

I was getting tossed about. I need to go slow and easy and keep off of the main roads as the traffic and movement is too much for me even if I am a passenger.

So, many things I have adjusted to in order to survive that I dont' realize until someone comes to visit.

So, the brain got a work out yesterday too to the point that I had to ask her be quiet...which she really has a problem with as she constantly talks to her dogs.

This time I will bring my ear muffs while we are out.

I also got too dehydrated. And I can't drive and drink. So, I needed to pull over, drink some water and then drive some more.

Body crashed and hurt yesterday. But, It was worth it to be otu and about in nature.

Hoping to be able to do more today. AT least if I crash to the point I can't drive myself home she can take over.
Posted by pab (Member # 904) on :
I started wearing my step counter. I'm surprised how many steps I do each day. I did 2000 steps (1 mile) while shopping in Target today. The goal for each day is 10,000 steps.
Posted by kam (Member # 3410) on :
Peggy...sounds good

I was able to drive out to Waterwheel yesterday.

I am not sure how far in the trail is. I thought it was 10 min..which sounds about right.

Got in the creek to bring the core temp down. My friend went further up the trail and was able to see the 10 ft waterfall but found it too far to hike to it.

I have yet to see it. I hear it is a mile up the canyon. Lookign forward to when I can see it. I do know it is over boulders, etc.

I just walk the 10 min hike on the path before the trail starts over the boulders.

Sat in the creek again when I got back to the car to bring body temp down. Then reclined in car until my friend came back.

Rosie stayed by my side.

Head pressure and bloating (as if I were 8 months pregnant) were enough to keep me down the rest of the day. Looks like I need to take a couple more excedrin this am as head pressure is starting to build again.

Bloating went down. This is good. So far just able to take out trash this am via the power chair and take Rosie out to toilet via the power chair.

I also hand washed the swim suit I had on yesterday while on my feet.
Posted by aklnwlf (Member # 5960) on :
Under the weather gang. Chemical smells from the neighbor causing me some cognitive issues.

Was in court Tuesday for the pitbull issues. Thank God for prayers.

Will attempt to cut some grass tomorrow. Not sure cause I'm having problems.

Clicked on this post twice thinking it was last week's.

Brain fog settling in and am hoping and praying that it doesn't get any worse.
Posted by tdtid (Member # 10276) on :
I like the idea of walking a loop that stays close to home. That way if you burn out faster than you expect, you aren't stranded. I use to use our cul de sac for that reason. It would get boring walking the same path, but was definitely the better idea.

ESG, It's good that you are getting in swimming. I haven't done that in so many years since I felt I lacked the strength and would drown myself, but now that I'm building strength between the walks and P.T., I would think this is an option I should be looking in to.

Penguingirl, I'm sorry that you had that issue with Physical Therapy. You are right. The math doesn't work, but I know that so often, when lyme brain kicks in, we don't think clearly enough to figure out the math. I too hear that weights are the way to go. I have some hand and leg ones that I keep saying I'll put on during a walk, but since I've just started getting to reasonable levels, I keep procrastinating.

Kam, Sound sensitivities work in so many different ways. I remember being so sick and my husband would be taking me to appointments but had his radio blasting. I thought I was going to go out of my mind and even ear plugs weren't enough to knock it out. You'd think you could get your husband to help you out, but sadly, I don't think people can actually understand that we are struggling with this unless they have felt it themselves.

pab, I too have a step counter but I have only been putting it on for my actual walks so I could try to up my step count over time. But I never thought of using it all day and seeing what it comes up with. That would definitely be interesting. Thanks for the idea.

aklnwlf, Feel better. I'm so sorry you are dealing with this. Ugh!

Lymetoo, I hope your weather cools off. It has to be tough walking in that stuff. Your own built in sauna I suppose.

Posted by kam (Member # 3410) on :
ALW...hope you get some much needed rest and the brain clears up.

Able to drive to the verde river last night with friend from out of state and her dogs

She went one way on the river and I went another....she likes to go down by the bridge

But, my brain was thinking well enough to figure out one way to handle the noise of the traffic was to go away from the bridge so I did that.

Not sure how long I was on my feet. Walked a little, rested, drove to another part of the river..walked a little less, sat on the picnic bench while they all walked about.

River is still muddy...all the rivers are here and have been since the fire two years ago.

They use to be clear. It will take a long time before they are clear again...I assume not until the vegetation starts to grow again.

Able to do the 10 min loop this am before the heat resting half way.

My friend colored my hair last night so I was able to sit upright for that. Hair is still wild and woolly..not sure whether to get it trimmed or find some good hair conditioner.

Ordered some ear plugs...hope they help Azure Wish recommended Hearo's so going to try them.

Cathy, I am so grateful I have a beautiful area to walk in that is close to home. I need the quiet. Can't handle walking near home due to noise and traffic and people, etc...too much.

I hope the swimming works for you. I was doing some water therapy at the local physical therapy place. I enjoyed that. But, did need to listen to my body so I had the strength to get out of the water.

I stopped at a Circle K type of place yesterday. My friend went in to get something. I couldn't handle the noise of the two ice machines on the sidewalk plus there also was the dripping of water which was weird.

So, I moved the car and confused my friend. [Smile] It took her a bit to get unconfused and figure find the car.

I can't even have people talk when I am driving nor am I able to talk for the most part.

I am thankful I don't own a gun as my brain doesn't think straight and I get this thought that shooting the radio or the ice machines would solve the problem.

I haven't tried my Peltor Ear protection muffs. But, those might help you. I did wear them the other day when I was driving out the road that is usually quiet for me.

but, we were there during the day. Lots more traffic than at sunrise.

It helped with the nosie of my friend talkign to her dogs and the traffic noise. But, I doubt that is legal.

Better than shooting my friend though and the cars on the road making noise. [Smile]

TGIF. We have almost made it through another week.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
I do my walking on an indoor track! But I haven't been to exercise in two weeks now due to my bad back and neck.

Still am afraid to drive .. hope to by next week...???

my exercise this week was getting an MRI on my low back .. where they aggravated my neck ...grrrr

then to the cardiologist this morning .. She also is stumped by my blacking out two weeks ago.

She changed my heart med and will do a heart monitor again if I have more trouble.

sigh... I'm too old for this!!!
Posted by lpkayak (Member # 5230) on :
hi-i did ride for 3 days while living in camper but hurt my lipitor leg the last day and i am having a lot of trouble walking

but i had to move camper out of irenes way and i am safe-i hope- in north nh...ready to ride it out.

my house is strong...but there is a big tree leaning this way

so talk to you all later...when she blows by
Posted by aklnwlf (Member # 5960) on :
[group hug] Hi all!

Thank God the smells were gone last night when I got home and didn't smell them today.

Felt better so cut grass for 2 hours this morning.

Overdid it and had a killer headache so had to take half a painpill and muscle relaxer here at the job.

It's quitting time and I'm going home!

Talk with you all tomorrow!

Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
we are the walking wounded!!

[group hug]

kayak .. check in with us later

ak... hope you feel better soon!
Posted by ESG (Member # 4816) on :
yet grateful to still be walking
Posted by lpkayak (Member # 5230) on :
i tried to go to bed but i forgot my ibu so i had to get up and eat something to take them and sit up for 1/2 leg is really killing me

i am using cane but will have someone get my walker from basement tomorrow...

hope i dont have to run away from that tree...

yes...grateful to be walking but dont like the direction i'm going

we're hearing from VA ppl but noone more brother is fine in fla...cept no work. hes a carpenter. hes thinking of following irene
Posted by kam (Member # 3410) on :
Tutu...hoping the weekend and the coming week is better for you.

ALW...I hate that when the brain does whatever it does when we have over done it. I did that a lot this week.

Kayak...check in with us when you are able

Took dogs out to an open field at the indian ruins.

I was on my feet longer than I should have been.

I know tomorrow is going to be a rough one. Stiff and sore and most likely not able to move.

Asked friend to put the two large dog beds in her car (dogs were not using them).

She asked why.

I told her because I need to be able to get around in the power chair and be able to walk in the front room.

(I didn't tell her I was expecting to be too stiff and sore in the morning to move about and most likely would be needing the power chair to help me move. I also was concerned I was getting to exhausted and might trip over the tennis balls and dog toys and dog beds.)

I also moved the table she had with the dogs water bowl in front of the entrance to the kitchen over to the side so I could get in the kitchen with the power chair.

well, she moved the dog beds. She also moved her things out of the apartment and left.

It is kind of strange I don't feel anything right now except grateful for peace and quiet. (except for the sound of the air conditioning running...the fan...that is too much)

Going to shut the fan off and try adn open teh windows again. Tried earlier and it was still to hot and humid out.

Temp says it will be around 80 degrees at 4 this morning. That is too hot along with the humidity.

but, sound of air is too much too.

And so exhausted and hurting I just want to recover and rest.

I told her it has been too much and I dn't know what the answers are.

I usually enjoy her visits. This time it was too much.

We were supposed to go camping and not be shut up in the small apartment. But, she told me I couldn't do that. (meaning I was not doign well enough to go camping...the heat most likely would have done me in..I think it was 90 degrees on the Rim)

but, we were supposed to go camping the last two times she came to visit and she didn't think I could do that either and said we would go next time.

I am ready to do the camping thing by myself now....when it gets cooler.

I feel like I have had cabin fever this summer. It has been hotter than normal.

Moving the body this week...was better than it has been all summer. I went places I have not gone since EAster.
Posted by lpkayak (Member # 5230) on :
kam-guess we were posting at the same time

sorry about what happened...but i think you just have to let it go

lots of times i invite ppl or offer to do stuff and soon after it starts i realize it was a mistake

that was a long visit!
Posted by kam (Member # 3410) on :
It was definately sensory overload. I feel like I have been beat up at a loud rock concert.

It is strange but I can't problem solve when the brain is in overload....well let's face it...I can't problem solve most of the time.

But, one of the dogs kept chumping down on Rosie's sqeekie toy way to long. The sound was too much.

I wasn't able to say the sound is to much...can you give her another toy??

Then later, the dog had a toy and was fine with it when she started teling the dog she needed the squeakie toy and got it for her.

Teh dog was right in front of me. I tried to get the toy out of her mouth but my friend got it for me.

My processing skills are so slow...Dog sqeeky toy..oh no..but follow through on it is too late to do something about it.

I was in a weird mode. Too my limit and ready to explode but didnt' have what it took to even do that.
Posted by canbravelyme (Member # 9785) on :
You guys will be shocked, but I've been going to the gym three times / week for the past couple of months.

I'd really like to join a volleyball league, but that should wait.

I still have to wear my Z1 blue lens eyeglasses under the fluorescent light a considerable portion of the time (minimizes seizure activity triggered by light), but even that (thank gawd!) is getting lesser.

Earplugs and a large hat with the glasses to deal with sound / lights on public transit to and fro...but we're getting there!

Not bad for a girl who was bedbound and too sick to use a walker four years ago...


Posted by kam (Member # 3410) on :
CBL...good to hear you are moving about so much at the gym. Cool.
Posted by canbravelyme (Member # 9785) on :
Thx [Smile] It amazes me. I'm showing everyone my biceps!
Posted by canbravelyme (Member # 9785) on :
You know what else is interesting? As I'm getting physically stronger, I'm getting braver in the face of conflict and bullies.
Posted by aklnwlf (Member # 5960) on :
Feeling better today. Off work now and heading to pick up just a few things from the grocery store.

Tutu-Yep! Walking wounded about sums it up. [Wink]

Kam-My brain is getting a little better but my body is a different story. Sounds like you've been super busy yourself. [spinning smile]

Kayak-Running from trees? Following Irene? As usual, I'm clueless. [loco]

Canbrave-What are Z1 blue lens? I've had problems with flourescent lights for years but was just told I had epilepsy. Is it Lyme-related? [shake]

I'm out of here gang so see you all next week!

Posted by canbravelyme (Member # 9785) on :
Hi Aklnwlf,

My seizures were / are Lyme related. Guess who has fewer seizures after treatment? I've had one in the past month - I was disabled by them - even while on seizure meds (which I no longer take).

It would be worth a chat with an LL Neuro.

Z1 blue lens:

They're made by Zeiss.
Posted by lpkayak (Member # 5230) on :
kam-i know exactly what you mean about the has been a long time since it was like that for e but i remember it like it was yesterday.

i would see a pot boiling over on the stove and the kitchen full of ppl who could help but i couldnt get anyones attention or get myself to move over there and fix it

or id be in a conversation...well this still happens a lot...and by the time i get the words out of my mouth to respond...they are 5 topics ahead of me...

anyway---now you can rest. no hurricanes comin at you!

i asked my brother to help me pick up the yard and the plastic garage-or is it vinyl??? anyway-he didnt offer to help and i could hardly walk but i was tuffing it out until i realized he had taken my old impt papers...checks, taxes, etc -they were in totes-and put them in this old garage....i thought they were safe in the cellar. so when i saw that he had done that i asked him to come help and he did. he also lifted sandbags onto my tailgate and i backed right up to where i needed them and sort of pushed them into place.

so i am almost ready but really exhausted. i went out and bought batteries and a few canned things but i forgot bread. i know-shouldnt eat bread. but i have tons of tomamtoes from the garden and they taste so good and i figured if we dont have power i can just live on tomato sandwiches...and get rid of the yeast later. i'm not on abx now anyway...

so i will go out one more time and also turn the truck around. my neighbor said it will stay dryer if i point it into the wind.

we're supposed to have rain and storms tonihgt and bad winds sunday from 9-6

its farther west thand b4 so maybe not so much rain

right now its hot and humid and earrily quiet. when etta woke up this morning she just started shaking...maybe the pressure dropping/?

anyway...see ya when the power domes back on

hope i hear from those south of me soon
Posted by kam (Member # 3410) on :
CBL...that put a smile on my face that you are showing everyone your biceps (sp?)

And it is good to hear that your level of health is high enough you can deal with conflicts and bullies.

Thanks for the linnk on the glasses. I have a neighbor who has seizures. I will let her know.

Kayak....I saw a video about the hurrican from space and how it is expected to last a while due to being so large.

Good to hear you are hunkering down. I like the idea of tomatoe sandwhiches. I had forgotten about that.

I do have gluten free bread and purchased a tomatoe from the farmers mkt this am.
Posted by kam (Member # 3410) on :
Slept all day yesterday adn last night. Surprised when I was able to do the 10 min loop in the forest this am then go to the grocery store.

Got the ear plugs Azure Wish told me about. Worked out very well. Ear plugs I have tried in the past didnt' work well enough to continue to use.

Wish I had put them in when my friend was here. One health problem solved.

I am so thankful for the food I have to eat and for the meds. They are making such a big difference all of this month.
Posted by lpkayak (Member # 5230) on :
i am so exhausted from cleaning the yard yesterday. i can hardly move or keep both eyes open. its raining lightly all night and i woke up with what seemed to be allergy sx-ragweed...but that makes no sense.

i took cold meds and am trying to work on this list of a GO bag if i need it and getting food precooked

the south part of state has been losing power even tho there arent any winds yet-i dont get it

just caught my bills up online in case power is out for awhile...but i think my only exercise will be packing and unpacking...the elliptical is a clothes rack now

havent heard from my son in nj...kinda wonder about the nuclear power plant...

hope ny, ct, and mass ppl are ok...will put news on at noon and see

hope we have power tomorrow and i can check in with everyone

be safe

ps-if you have time to send out a prayer to my special friends in norway and otisfield maine they are getting hit and many horses are outside...
Posted by kam (Member # 3410) on :
Looked for Z1 glassses on line and couldn' tfind them
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
My exercise today was attending church!! yipppeee!! I missed 2 Sundays in a row. It was so great to be back and be able to lead the singing. I feel blessed.

Pain is still bad, but better. Will see Dr tomorrow about the latest MRI.

Kayak... hope the storm missed you! I'm sorry you are so completely exhausted!

kam... glad to hear that you have food and meds this month... [group hug]
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
kayak.. They just showed pics of Brick, NJ .. lots of flooding!
Posted by lpkayak (Member # 5230) on :
i talked to my neighbors and they said our complex was fine. it is a really big town with ocean front but i am on the most western side. i'm next to a river but it is down a huge cliff.

up here the eye is going over..eerie and dark. winds were scarey b4. later they will be stronger from other direction. til 4 am i think.

the roof of the house my brother rents the room from caved in and the chimney fell down from water

so he is on my couch for tonihgt

he is being very nice

tomorrow he plans on moving all his stuff to his new place. he says he thinks it is much nicer.

a little worried about my little horse over in maine but i think my camper is ok. it was after the first set of winds went by. and it will be more protected the second time...

no exercise except throwing toys for etta from the recliner..

see you all tomorrow
Posted by kam (Member # 3410) on :
Thanks for the update kyak

Tut...glad you were able to attend church

Just did the 10 min loop in the forest. Still hot out at dusk. Patio temp says 100 but patio temp is off.

Able to put on my lace up boots to walk too. Better traction but usually too weak and exhausted to lace up anythign so use slip on's.
Posted by pab (Member # 904) on :
We went to the Minnesota State Fair last Saturday. I had my step counter on and I walked 6 miles.

I really like my step counter. I'm always surprised how many steps I take in a day. Even on a bad day I've walked 2 miles.
Posted by kam (Member # 3410) on :
Wow pab...that is a good thing to know. Cool.

Able to do the 10 min loop in the forest with a short rest half way.

Rosie stil wanted to run so I drove on the dirt road while she kicked up her heels.

Then, off to the grocery store. Thankful for the ear plugs. Body and brain faded fast but have food for the weekend.

record breaking month for me. I think I was able to do the 10 min loop in the forest every morning this month.

I also think it was because I had the biaxin and amoxy to take.

supplements change so not sure if there was something I am taking or was taking that helped too.

almost out of amoxy. Need to check and see how much more I have of biaxin.

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