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Posted by missing (Member # 22437) on :
I hired a maid a couple of times, but it gets so expensive.

And maids are so loud and disruptive I find.

And then I just find that it is easier to do it myself.

They rush the job, and then, for all the energy it took to explain everything, and make requests, it would have been quicker to do it myself.

Where do I look for help?

I wish I could get family in to help.

I am selling my house, and have to pack everything up in the next 2 months, plus there is the real estate showing, and the house needs to be scrubbed clean each time.

I need to do house renovations too!

I hired someone to help me with the yard work, but they undid everything I did, killed a lot of the tiny trees that I worked so hard to plant,,,

while I had Lyme disease, on hot summer days, and while I was in pain.

I was so upset, and then to top it off, I had put special markers by each tiny tree so my husband and I would remember where they were, and so that no one would accidentally mow over them, or weed wack them or something.

He didn't even care that he took out each marker.

Even though I had made a point of explaining our system.

I had the trees specially shipped in.

Then we had to hire a bobcat guy to help fix our yard and that company destroyed our landscaping and charged us so much.

I kept telling them not to do certain things, and that I didn't like the topsoil that they were bringing me.

So all this crappy topsoil was all over my yard.

I then Had to buy good compost, sand and peat mix, and hire the tree kiler guy to till it all in.

Our yard looked like crap by now.

Money that we were expecting didn't come in, so our credit card now is really huge.

Our LLMD made us come down, and me, my husband, and my daughter had huge fees and more expensive testing.

We can't afford to pay for that.

If we hadn't fixed our yard, our septic field would have been ruined,

and if we wouldn't have gone to the LLMD , then they wouldn't have continued treatment.

I did appeal to the LLMD, and the office staff were really nice and let us leave messages, basically begging them to give us a break.

But if we don't see them every so often, then they could get shut down.

Anyone have ideas of how we can get help?

I hope someone read this. Please help us.
Posted by lou (Member # 81) on :
There are cleaning services that might be more accountable.

Any colleges around that might have students wanting some paying work? They might be willing to pack for you. Make sure you get references.
Posted by linky123 (Member # 19974) on :
Do your friend or neighbors have any teenagers that are responsible and need extra spending money?
Posted by missing (Member # 22437) on :
Gpod idea! Thanks!

We have a teenager that is working outside in the yard for us.

I will ask him if he can help pack, and move furniture, that we are giving away, to the garage with us.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Good idea about the teens!
Posted by phyl6648 (Member # 28522) on :
I am looking for a housekeeper too. One that I can afford.

My granddaughter, a teen , would come and help but she is now working and school.
The other teen I tried, I had to tell her what to do and oh that darn cell phone..

I manage to keep things tidy and picked up but need some one to do the heavy cleaning..

I have thought about selling and moving to a small
apartment etc. but no way could I pack and move. Then the market for selling is way to low.

Good luck you have a lot on your plate. Hope you find someone ..
Posted by linky123 (Member # 19974) on :
Maybe other friends or neighbors? There are lots of great teens at our church if that's a possibility for you.

Maybe you could just suggest that they silence the phone for a little while?

Hopefully it all works out for you.

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