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Posted by jenniferk32 (Member # 30718) on :
It sounds weird, but every once in a while when my pain is really bad, I cry. I never have cried over pain in my life, not even when I hurt myself as a kid.

But with this pain, it's like I'm storing emotions in my muscles. When I get massaged in my tender spots, I feel like it's bringing those emotions out. But if I use a massager like my Shiatsu pillow, the muscles feel better but there is no emotional release. It has to be human hands.

My massage therapist says it happens with some people. I cry at every session, mostly when he gets to my neck, upper back and scalp. My scalp especially, I have a lot of sensitivity there.

Can anyone relate? And what is this?
Posted by momindeep (Member # 7618) on :
My friend who has pain issues, when massaged, cries like, yes, I have heard of that happening.

Her massage therapist says it is a good thing.
Posted by Susie R (Member # 30780) on :
I did a few years ago, when I got massaged after my two spine operations. It was definitely emotional release.

Posted by ltlmt (Member # 33946) on :
It's very common. Your body holds on to memories and emotions. Your body tenses up when you are in physical or emotional pain. You can't seperate the two. It's good to release whatever you've been carrying around.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Does sound like it would be a GOOD thing!! Wish I could go for another massage! Maybe I can in a few weeks. Glad you are getting help!
Posted by JessJoy (Member # 33443) on :
oh yeah. I've cried during massage a few times. AND I've cried it out when my Lyme is bad. It always helps..
Posted by hammond (Member # 32303) on :
I primarily believe in science, but still leave room for the unknown. And there are lots of traditional medicine references to holding emotions in the physical body, including Chinese medicine.....

And my Naturopath has talked about muscles and emotions.

I fell down an elevator shaft (I 'm a carpenter) and to this day if someone messages in the area of my three formerly broken ribs and punctured lung, it is an emotional roller coaster. I just wish U.S MD's would move beyond the "double blind multi $kazillion$ study or bust" mentality. Because traditional medicines from DIFFERENT cultures have arrived at this same conclusion! Check out Maya abdominal message!

Best of health to you, Jenniferk32!

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