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Posted by missing (Member # 22437) on :
I was wondering if any of you had any ideas, or ways that could help me.

I have been getting treatment for Lyme disease for 2 years.

I need I.V. ,

I need to fly to NY to get it, and stay a few months.

I live in another country, and I have begged the doctors here to help me. My LLMD also phoned a doctor here to ask her to help me find a doctor that could give me I.V.

Does anyone have any good ideas?

I know it is tough for people with Lyme to have guests staying at their house, but maybe you might have a family member who lives in NY and wouldn't mind.

I may not be able to pay directly, but I could barter something for free from the business that I own.

Thanks everyone.
Posted by missing (Member # 22437) on :
Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas.

After I wrote this, I ended up in the ER.

Twice last week!

My parents were crying, my husband is crying all the time, he is scared that I am going to die.

So, I am sorry to bother you. I know we all have our sob stories.

I am looking for a place to rent, I guess. I need a room, that's all.

Probably for three months.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
So what did the doctors tell you? Hope you are feeling better!

Most here are too ill to take in a boarder... esp someone they do not know.
Posted by Tincup (Member # 5829) on :
I'll send your request out to some folks. If I get a response, will let you know.

Hope you are feeling better soon!
Posted by insane migraine (Member # 32894) on :
I am so sorry you are having it so rough.

Have you considered having a benefit to raise funds to come over.

It is alot to take on so you need the help of alot of freinds.

My family just did one for me to get me from home to NY as well for my initial visit to an llmd.

It went very well and i will be going wihtin the month.

I hope you find some help and are able to get treated.

If i could help id be happy to.
Posted by hopeful4 (Member # 8486) on :
I googled to see if there might be a place in New York for patients getting medical treatment who need housing. Here's what I came up with, hope it helps you, I have no personal knowledge of this place.

It does say it has housed people from many other countries, and it serves people with life-threatening illnesses...sounds like you may qualify! Best wishes.


Miracle House provides temporary housing, meals, and advocacy to caregivers and patients coming to New York City for critical medical treatment.


We operate five three-bedroom apartments located in midtown Manhattan serving over 1,000 caregivers and patients each year.

We are the only hospitality home that allows caregivers to stay while their loved one is hospitalized.

Miracle House was founded in 1990 in response to the AIDS crisis. Over the last 20 years, Miracle House has evolved to serve caregivers and their patients receiving treatment for cancer or any other life threatening illness.

Our Meals Program combined with the support of both volunteers and other patients provide something which conventional therapy cannot; companionship, friendship and the hope built from relating to others.

We have welcomed families from all 50 states and over 25 countries.

If you are traveling to New York for medical treatment and need a place to stay please click on "Stay With Us" for detailed information.

Miracle House Administrative Office

Posted by linky123 (Member # 19974) on :
Some of us have been to Germany to see Dr. Woitzel and had good results.

I have no idea what country you live in, but if you want details, send me a pm.
Posted by missing (Member # 22437) on :
Wow, That is amazing.

Thank you everyone. I had no idea how to start a search for that.

I know it would be difficult for my fellow Lyme patients to take me on.

That miracle house looks amazing and perfect.

I will try to figure it out.

I would have to pay for the trip, the I.V. and for the appointments and nurses to check the picc line.

My LLMD said there are still a lot of risks, and side effects.

Maybe I should just stick to orals.

I am trying Guardian Silver-Sol.

It is a new technology using Silver.

They say that if you take it with your antibiotics it can make your antibiotic effective, and it kills infections.

Here is the entire video.

I am trying it just as an experiment, I will let you all know if I get better or improve.

Oops, I changed the subject, but hope this will help.

It is just too expensive and I can't even get my friends and family to help me to the doctor. They complain too much the one or two times that I asked them.

Most of my family doesn't talk to me. My sister got re-married and I didn't even know.

So, I basically lay in my room everyday, crying and writhing in pain, with no friends or family.

They haven't gathered together to raise money.

It's complicated I guess, but a great idea. I have seen many people have their friends and family raise money to help pay for their medical bills.

It makes me and my husband cry and so sad, because we have no one who will even come and visit us.

We always have to beg for even the littlest help.

I am thankful that I have all of you for my friends.

Thanks again.
Posted by hopeful4 (Member # 8486) on :
Sorry that you are going through such a difficult time without the support you need, both financially and emotionally.

Is there a Lyme support group in your area, or even in your country? Can you connect with them, either by phone or online? I'm pretty sure there are some Lyme support groups in Europe, try to connect with one of them.

What about other support groups for people with disabling conditions...fibromyalgia, chronic pain, etc. Perhaps through a hospital in your area. It's so important to have other people to talk to. Please consider giving it a try.

There are also various religious groups that often have folks who would love to help you out with daily tasks, like getting groceries, bringing meals, or just visiting to offer you support and hope, and to know that you are not alone.

Likewise, there could be social agencies that perfom these tasks.

Finding people to connect with in the area where you live could really help. It might not be easy to reach out at first, but try to take a baby step, then another.

Wishing you the best.

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